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my necron army (did i get a good deal)
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Old 31 May 2008, 00:54   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default my necron army (did i get a good deal)

hi everyone . ive just started collecting necrons , i bought a necron lord woth res orb for rrp but then looked around for deals.firstly i got 2 boxes of necron warriors (still in box on sprue) for 20 off ebay. then i got what i think was a great bargain. i managed to win an auction for a necron army deal. not the little box, the big one with the tomb spyders and wraiths. when the box arrived it included loads extra free! i got
48 necron warriors
loads of scarabs havnt counted
3 destroyers
1 destroyer lord
1 limited edition lord
1 heavy destroyer
4 tomb spyders
2 wraiths
5 immortals
night bringer
4 different brushes
pack of gw files
gw glue
about 8 pots of paints. all this for ..........65. I COULDNT BELEIVE IT

now from what i can tell i actually have a decent enough army and ive only spent about 120 (i purchased extra paints and brushes) ;D
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Default Re: my necron army (did i get a good deal)

Rest assured, you done good. Even if theres bits in there you dont want, you can certainly trade them out to others.
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Default Re: my necron army (did i get a good deal)

WOW im feeling jelous that you got such a good deal... sob sob
You are the luckest guy I know so far....

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Default Re: my necron army (did i get a good deal)

Old thread is old.

Seriously though, I don't think this was worth raising from the dead. :P

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Default Re: my necron army (did i get a good deal)

Please don't resurrect dead threads that are over a few weeks old, even then only when you have something very informative and otherwise undiscussed to add to the thread.
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