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1000 point necron vs marine
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Default 1000 point necron vs marine

I am currently feeling a bit ill, but I felt that this low point game was very interesting. As it states in the title, this is a 1000 point game. Many think that the lower the point number, the less effective necrons are. I think that necron players simply need to see different configurations besides veil and immortals, lots of destroyers, or some other grouping of units that many use and are expensive.

(note: marine infantry squads are giving my memory a run, so I'm not entirely sure how many men, and if they had furious assault or not)

I am simply going to post the army lists to start, and then I will put the game in about 10-15 hours. I hope that the time that the army lists are up will spark some thoughts on the lists, and perhaps some friendly wagers (not real, for I think it may be against forum rules in some way) on who wins or what units die or even how effective the unit will be in the up coming conflict.

Good luck

Necrons (me, yay)

Nightbringer- 360 pnts


10 warriors- 180 pnts
10 warriors- 180 pnts

Fast Attack
4 scarabs swarms- 48 pnts

Heavy Support
1 heavy destroyer- 65
2 tomb spyders- 110
1 tomb spyder- 55

998 pnts 20 necrons phase out at 5
(note: all tomb spyders have claws, no ppc's here.)

Marines (custom trait selection) (I can only represent items that I witnessed during battle)

Master commander: Iron Halo, Adamantine Mantle, single master crafted power claw, combi-meltagun-190 points (due to mastercrafting)


7 man tactical squad: flamer marine, furious assualt, termy honors- 147 pnts
7 man tactical squad: flamer marine, furious assault- 132 pnts

Fast Attack
5 man assault squad: 2 plasma pistols, termy honors, power weapon, furious assault-160 pnts

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusader: pintle mounted storm bolter- 275 pnts
Whirlwind: Vengeance missiles, pintle mounted storm bolter- 95 pnts

999 pnts 23 marines
Traits I know of: Never despair (maybe, maybe not), No mercy, no Respite (positive). Probably Eye to Eye is the drawback.

A monolithic alter has been erected between some of the towns outlier buildings (now ruins), and the golden rolling hills of the planets country side. The alter has been targeted by the space marineís battle barge, but strange disturbances have caused the automated tracking system on the ordinance in question (meltas) to fail. The company commander has decided to plant the beacon himself, but something must have angered the machine spirit, because a tech marine is being sent to repair the now inoperable beacon. Our last transmission was that the company commander has detected a small contingent of necrons, and that he is going to defend the area until the techmarine can arrive to rekindle the beaconís spirit. Current estimations as this point are that the two are going to meet on a relatively small battle field just outside of the town and near the foul chaos alter.
"When a necron gets hit with a weapon more than double its toughness it is hit so hard that it goes into "negative damage" and does less damage than it actually would if it hit him with less force!" Quote from azimaith on Warseer, contemplating how much GW will Nerf the WBB rules.
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Default Re: 1000 point necron vs marine

Ok, the 10-15 hours turned into 10-15 days, however; the lack of additional posting is a bit disheartening. Absolutely no discussion is going on, and I have a feeling that the 30 some people that checked this out are merely searching for battle reports with necrons (Iíve done it myself; it is hard to find the good ones).

Well this isn't going to be a good one, it is merely interesting because it proves that tomb spyders can be used effectively, and in certain situations a generate scarab swarm is worth its weight in wounds, attacks, and weapons skill (combined numbers, so 8.... ya)

Ok, already you should be thinking, necrons are going to wipe the board. It is a necron player posting it, it is in the necron section, it is a load of MC's vsing marines with flamers and a fancy tank. Yes, the necrons won (this is so we get this out of the way, because it really isn't all that important right now)

Generally I tried out a few tactics.
1. I won the roll for deciding who had the better strategy, and my strategy turned out to be my god generating a big veil of darkness, so now it is nightfight (the dice decided between one of the first section (cleanse I think) and one of the second section (nightfight). Please note that this only helped me with the ordinance, it was behind a building, and proceeded to roll as badly as possible, only getting one partial hit after scattering 12" (on the 2nd of 4 trys).

2. I made my warrior formations in squares and circles. This forced the ordinance to pick, at most, 3 warriors to be under its pie plateiness (it's a real word now!) It also provided a solidish defense against assaulters, so I would not have to worry about being run down at the first possible chance.

3. I used the scarab swarms as bait, turboboosting them so as to trap units for the nightbringer to crunch. (and it nearly worked)

4. Tomb spyders only generate scarab swarms when a potentially deadly shooting phase is about to happen, and when behind cover.

5. There is no five.

Ok, turn one. I go first (I think, well the results are going to be the same for turn one) I move warrior squad box towards a nearby 3 level hill (good old 5+ cover saves, how I adore the). Squad box is shaped like a box, and is slightly behind squad circle which forgot to deploy in a circle and is currently disorganized in a lump of gold and silver (and green and black).

Scarabs turboboost a full amount to the marines quarter 4, covered by a building but close enough to the assault marines to be a tempting target). Tomb spyders 1 and 2 move up in the chaos ruins (center) and spyder 3 moves back to provide support to the warriors if the first wave of spyders fail (all eggs in one basket this is not). Nightbringer moves after the scarabs (which the scarabs deployed behind the nightbringer, so less than 18" away... maybe 17")

Nightbringer finds that the landraider is over 24" away by trying to fry it. The heavy destroyer gets good tone and tries to disintegrate the commander (He moved forward to protect his troops with his hi-tech shield and heavy cape). The shield is bypassed and the only thing that saves the commanders entire body is his mantle of adimantium, which limits the obliterating attack to merely making a nice hole the size of a donut in his chest (take that protector of humanity)


Marines move gallantly forward (note that inappropriately named squad circle has not moved), apparently not caring what happens, or simply angered that such a powerful green beam would come out of nowhere to hurt the honored commander. Tactical squad in table corner 4 (grid pattern found in any algebra book) moves behind the building made of dice (kind of funny) towards the scarabs (really parallel). Assault squad jumps over the building, well within 6". Crusader moves between the buildings, man that thing is big.

Whirlwind tries to get a round on squad confused circle, it scatters 11" (aprox) off the table. Assault marines fire two plasma pistols (I think) and thee bolt pistols. One scarab swarm fails its 5+ invul save and another fails to a bolter (I had a good round of 5+ saves). Assault marines do as their name implies, beating another base and a half down (yes, half of 3). they pile in.

Turn 2
squad square do not move, and have a decent view of the single foolish marine squad. squad disorganized and not circle circle do not move. The heavy destroyer can't figure out if it wants a shot at the whirlwind or another crack at that stupid marine commander, and compromises to move something like 12" down the side of a 2 level hill (it was a one way compromise). Nightbringer continues toward the occupied and tasty looking assault marines. Tomb spyders 1 and 2 occupy the chaos ruins (4+ cover, not difficult).

There is nothing to shoot at with the nightbringer (forgot I could see over combat of lesser beings) Warrior squad box is in the dark and can't see anything, warrior squad confused circle has a few men in range, the resulting wounds takes a marine out. Heavy destroyer continues on its rampage of long range destruction, and this time the commander has a subordinate take his spot in the lead, which didn't live very long in this new position of honor.

Scarabs are generated by the spyders 1 and 2 (2 is close to that pesky land raider and 1 is getting kinda close to the commander's squad) Tomb spyder 1 is hurt after its scarabs say they hate it and run up stairs. Meanwhile the scarabs that are taking on the assault marine do diddly and proceed to loose more wounds to the point of oblivion (and my nightbringer was so close, but the pile in moved the combat back a little bit more than I wanted).

Maine turn

Commander squad, now numbering 6 in all, moves toward the tomb spyder designated 1. Landraider moves past tomb spyder 2, Tactical squad 2 (the ones by the assalt marines) formes so that it has a perfect view of the cc so as to better see the complete pwnage of the scarab swarms (I think the marine player thought those runty bolters could hurt something like a god). Assault marines move 12" away from my nightbriner.

Whirlwind targets warrior squad blind square, and proceeds to scatter 12" into squad disorganized circle, one warrior is partially hit (the one most disorganized and outcast from the group), but not bad (nothing happened). The crusader shoots everything at my nightbriner, a lucky multi-melta gets past my ultra godly 4+ save. Assault cannon shots where thoroughly deflected. The assault marines pump hot plasma into my black mist generator on steroids. One wound is dealt to both sides, I pass mine and the marine doesn't (mmm, dessert). Command squad (just normal marines though) pump shot after shot into tomb spyder 1. A total of 7 wounds were dealt to its reduced toughness of 3. A total of 1 wound was failed due to its increased cover save a 3+. (note, this is when to make scarab swarms, in cover... ok)

Turn 3

Tomb spyders 1 and 2 move toward the commander squad. The nightbringer advances on the assault squad (more appetizing). Warriors stay still in order to shoot the immortal emperor out of the space marine commander's squad. heavy destroyer moves another 12" and gets in sight of the whirlwind. Tomb spyder 3 is still moving to support the warrior is everything goes to the eye in a hand basket.

Nightbringer electricuts an assault marine into carbon scarring. The assault marines see the death machine barring down on them and proceed to flee 14" off the table (yea, this really happened, 6, 6, and a 2). The only a few warriors can see, and only one marine falls. The heavy destroyer continues on its rampage, hits and then proceeds to roll a 1 against the whirlwinds armor of... well one more than I needed).

My tombsypders assault the commander's squad, tomb spyder 1 saw the commander, got into base to base and was promptly dealt 3 wound (good by brave spyder of the tomb). The second tomb spyder did better. The marine dealt 1 unsaved wound, which the scarab soaked up, then the spyder crushed two of the puny humans with its powerful claws.

Marine turn

The un-assaulted tactical squad made a tactical retreat behind the building and as far away as they can be from the unstoppable nightbringer. Landraider against lines up a shot on the god.

Landraider shooting doesn't even wound the god of death. Whirlwind targets a warrior on the edge of squad box, so that the way it has been scattering it will hit something. The scatter god does not like such deception and scattered the shot 9" to exact opposite direction it has been scattering all game (and off the table, again).

Close combat has the marines doing nothing, but the commander dealt two wounds on the scarabs, taking the base out (yay). Now my tomb spyder trys to hurt the commander (an error), and rolles all 1's and 2's.

Turn 4
Nightbringer phases through the building of dice. Squad box makes a box formation on the hill, squad circle makes a circle formation and moves for table quarter 3 (mine). Tomb spyder 3 moves toward table quarter 1 and the ensuing combat. Heavy destroyer moves for a better shot on the whirlwind.

Heavy destroyer destroyes the whirlwind. Nightbringer misses from two inches away with its lightning arc (ok, maybe 4).

Nightbringer assaults the second tactical squad (who were trying to run away), draining the life of 3 lucky marines. Tomb spyder 2 is wiser this turn, taking out a normal marine and taking only a single wound from the lightning claw wielding commander.

Marine turn

Crusader lines up a shot on the heavy destroyer (apparently leaving the marine squad to their fate).

The crusader multimeltas the gold off of the heavy destroyer, causing it to fall back to the tomb world to get more.

The nightbringer eats the final four marines and consolidates 3" towards the dice building. The last marine sergeant is crushed beneath the unyielding claws of tomb spyder 2, while the commander scratches at it to no avail. The commander, now seeing that he is facing a gigantic spyder (he isn't particularly fond of spyders mind you) with some glowing cats claws and a bunch of crushed battle brothers, turns around and runs away.

Turn 5
The nightbringer moves towards the landraider, eagerly awaiting the three morsels inside. The tomb spyder moves menacingly within 1" of the commander.

The nightbringer softens up the crusader for a devastating assault (another words shooting does nothing).

4 penetrating hits (or would be if I remebered to roll two pen dice per hit, as it was two normaly penetrating) latter, the landraider is a wreck two different ways and it is missing a number of weapons.

The commander is then escorted off the board by the tomb spyder.

Forces Necrons (1 scoring unite for each table quarter)
1 nightbringer
2 tomb spyders
20 warriors

Forces marines (note all forces where eventualy forced off the board)
1 terrified commander (I know now that he is afraid of spyders)
3 cowerdly assault marines

There, now use spyders correctly.
"When a necron gets hit with a weapon more than double its toughness it is hit so hard that it goes into "negative damage" and does less damage than it actually would if it hit him with less force!" Quote from azimaith on Warseer, contemplating how much GW will Nerf the WBB rules.
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Default Re: 1000 point necron vs marine

nice battle report, like your use of tha nightbringer ^^
very funny to see a 1k points battle without elites and with so much spiders, but it worked out great. STill, it needs pics
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