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Fall Back and WBB
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Fall Back and WBB

Ok, so I think I may have done something wrong the other day (although it didn't effect the outcome of the game): I had two units of warriors RIGHT on my edge of the board. In one round, I lost half of one unit to fire and then they fled off the board. Should the models that fell to fire have been available to WBB with the remaining unit, or should they have fled off the board with the rest of their unit?
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Default Re: Fall Back and WBB

There are several schools of thought. The FAQ school relies on the second answer down, which actually concerns res orbs and happens to address units falling back. "if they are, lay them down and move them with the unit".

According to this way of playing the models are tested for 6" when they fall, and if so are simply moved with the unit they are going to WBB with, rising into coherency whereever they end up. This is probably the most legit, directly supported way to play the ability. According to this one, your guys are gone since they would move with the unit off the board.

Another way to play is that each one falls where it lies, and then each model WBB's with the closest unit within 6" at the beginning of your next turn. This is Codex style play, discounting the FAQ, and under this approach your guys would still be eligible to WBB and join the other unit.

It seems like you could benefit from sitting down with your play group and working out a method by which you will all do WBB, seems like you guys keep running into the corner cases and its nice to have that understanding ahead of time.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Sutton, MA
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Default Re: Fall Back and WBB

Well, I usually try to stick to the rules pretty close; I wouldn't want to discount the FAQ, so going by your post, I will probably have them flee with the unit, unless anyone can convince me otherwise...
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Default Re: Fall Back and WBB

No, make them flee, allthough I am a little biased. If you think about the sceanrio when they are not near the edge of the board, and the unit rallied the next turn. The downed Necrons would WBB with their original unit right? So, if that was the case then they would also run off the board. If the downed Necrons WBB into the second unit, then the downed Necrons would not run off the table.

I can't wait until they get rid of the WBB rule and replace it with FNP.
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