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Scarabs best vs.
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Default Scarabs best vs.

What type of unit do you think 'normal' scarabs are best used against? units of their style (swarms, lots of attacks, etc.), weak infantry, infantry that are slightly tougher than they are? big groups, small groups? We all know that Scarabs w/ DF are best vs. tanks. I was basically wondering what type of units you guys used your normal scarabs against?
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Default Re: Scarabs best vs.

I would say that they are best versus small power-weaponed units, these guys could seriously mow through your troops, but with the scarabs high number of wounds, they are going to be held up for quite some time. And whats more, you can always add to their numbers!
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Default Re: Scarabs best vs.

any un-powered armored troop imperial guard, tau, scouts, eldar guardians heavy weap teams. anything to disrupt your enemy for little point values.
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