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Small necron vs necron battle (pariahs-gasp!)
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Default Small necron vs necron battle (pariahs-gasp!)

I havenít played for awhile, but I managed to get a 400 point combat patrol match against another necron player.


Me 396 points
10x Warriors- 180 points
6x Pariahs Ė 216 points

Him 395 points
10x warriors- 180 points
3x destroyers- 150 points
1x heavy destroyer- 65 points

I started to deploy first and he got to go first. I plopped a squad of warriors in a forest of apples and the pariahs a cross the map taking some insubstantial cover behind pain containers (they where halfway, so angles werenít great (please note that this was my first mistake, the lack of actual cover made them a big target which was counter productive))

My opponent put his warriors almost vertical to my warriors in another apple forest (there are some pears looking rocks partially in-between the two rival squads). The destroyers and heavy destroyer took seats in the back and in the open.

The first turn

Now, things right off the bat are not looking good for me. Sure my mission critical warriors are nice and cozy, buy my heavy infantry pariahs are right out in the open for a dose of destroyer.

My opponent moves his destroyers a little bit and proceed to blow apart one pariah while his heavy destroyer snipes a warrior through an apple. The good thing is that his warriors in the other apple grove can only see 4 of my warriors, so minimal damage is done, at least until I failed an armor roll.

The damaged warrior gets back up. Now I decide for an effective strike next turn, so I move my warriors the 5Ē allowed by my difficult terrain roll and huddle them behind the parish rocks. Now nothing can see them unless some hover things move dangerously close to my pariahs (the more important thing is that they are out of the difficult terrain) the pariahs move up and canít hit anything (too far away).

Turn 1 damage report

I loose 1 warrior and a pariah

The good thing is that my warriors are now in a great position to quick move out and double tap without any movement restrictions.

Turn 2

My opponent moves his destroyers back a little bit, moves his warriors 3 inches forward (a bit more out of the apple grove), and skims his heavy destroyer back into a corner. Now the pariahs take two casualties and the heavy again snipes one of my models.

I move my three remaining pariahs (thank goodness they are fearless) forward to take better cover behind the GW paint containers. The heavy now has no hope of re-acquiring a target lock on the pariahs next turn. The warriors move 6 inches out into the open in order to double tap the enemy warriors. Despite a heavy volley of fire, only one drops. Pariahs open up on the tormenting destroyers, but the extreme range does them in and nearly all shots go wide.

Turn 2 damage report

I loose another 2 pariahs, but manage to down one warrior

Turn 3

Hurrah! The warrior stays down for the count. Enemy warriors move up to 5Ē forward to get all of their number into range and the heavy destroyer lines up a shot on my warriors. The destroyers donít move and hit dead on with their disintegrating beams; however, the pariahís heavy mechanical bodies withstand the concentrated blasts with only pitted armor. Another warrior gets obliterated by a heavy gauss beam and two drop due to gauss flayers. However their threat assessment is favorable enough to keep them in the fight.

After that close call on concentrated fire I wonder if double tapping again would be a good thing of if I should going into hand-to-hand combat. After the two downed warriors get back up I decide to take the risk. Moving the warriors up a bit, I prepare for the assault. The pariahs are a definite predicament; I need their cc expertise (or at least a warscythe or two) but I know they will be disintegrated by the mobile units. I decide to try and take out the heavy destroyer in the corner. I move the pariahs to the left hand side of the GW paint containers and take 6 shots at the heavy destroyer (note the destroyers now have no hope of shooting the pariahs next turn due to the paint). All but 1 hit and the heavy takes 3 wounds. I become a bit disheartened as all the blaster shots where deflected and absorbed by the heavy armor of the destroyer. All 8 warriors assault a 4 warrior front. The cover takes its toll on my infantry as one of the 4 blows knocks a valuable assaulter to the ground. The return 14 blows deals an underwhelming 1 unsaved wound.

Turn 3 damage report

Well, I took out 1 warrior and took a casualty in return for an assault that failed to do what I was hoping. The good thing is that nothing really died that I needed (namely a pariah or all my warriors). And with that assault I brought the entire game down to whoever wins that assault. Now I have fewer warriors, but I have pariahs that will instantly turn the tide if any of them manage to get into the brawl. So now my opponent needs to kill my pariahs and I need to get them to the fight before my side breaks or gets warn down to phase out.

Turn 4

My opponent gets kind of frustrated with his destroyers unable to deal the hurt to anything and turboboosts them up to a position that he can shoot the heck out of my pariahs next turn. The heavy stay put and, for the first time in the game, misses on a one. Warriors duke it out after an opposing warrior picks himself up. Two of my warriors drop as they scythe apart the ones that dropped them. Others hack and bash away, but only dents and cuts attest to their efforts.

One of my warriors stays down. It looked like my previous estimate was defiantly coming true.

At this point I realized my opponent made a mistake, a close mistake but still a mistake. Those turboboosted destroyers seem to be pretty close to my pariahs. Well, I figured I didnít have very much of a choice, so I moved them into position to attempt and assault. A quick blast of fire downs the closest destroyer, thankfully the other is practically the same distance away. The assault was down to a couple of centimeters, but they made it. The pariahs obliterated the other two destroyers and rolled a 6 for their massacre move. Of course they moved 6Ē towards the brawl. The two groups of warriors did some damage to each other, mine took one down and they took two of mine. Again the moral check was passed.

Turn 4 damage report

The death of the destroyers gave the pariahs a perfect chance to cross the battlefield in order to chop away at the enemies warriors. The clunking battle of the warriors druges on and I am at a disadvantage with WBB occurring after I take the attacks of a superior force (7 vs 5).

Turn 5

My opponentís warrior dies in a way and moves his heavy around to take a shot at the pariahs making a run across the field. The heavy reacquired a lock and converts the upper half of a pariah into individual atoms. Then the battle of the warriors take a turn for the worse. I take an additional 3 casualties while doing diddly against the enemy. This puts my force below phase out, so I NEED to make at least one WBB roll. My forces managed to take a beating with only two warriors and not break off.

Three WBB rolls are made, so for the moment the battle has stabilized again. My pariahs moved and came in for the assault. I feel confident that a win can occur as the soulless brings leadership down to a fearful 7, the warscythes prevent WBB and armor saves, and the superior strength allows for easier wounding. Well two out of the four strikes hit and one of the two hits wounded. So one warrior died, not exactly what I expected. My remaining warriors relentlessly beat one opponent to the ground and take no serious damage in return. My opponent passed his now reduced leadership check.

Turn 5 damage report

The arrival of my heavy infantry to the cc battle was a big boost in possible damage and (more importantly) in reducing enemy leadership. The heavy destroyer is now not so useful and the opponent warriors look hard pressed to win with the arrival of the devastating warscythes and their wielders.

Turn 6

One enemy warrior gets back up. With little else to do, my opponent zips in and his heavy destroyer joins the melee with the idea of smashing a few heads with its massive gun. Pariahs attack with their decidedly reduced attacks and kill off one warrior. My warriors attack and down one more opponent while shrugging off repeated blows, chipping and breaking armor. The opponents warriors decide to break off and re-group, but the quicker pariahs match their fall back rate and cut them to pieces (some total roll for sweeping advance).

This game was close, but the pariahs brought me through. Iím not entirely sure that my pariahs could have made it across the field with out being shot to pieces by the destroyers, though they were repelling a fair amount of fire.

Improvement wise, I should have stuck my pariahs near the warriors. I knew that they needed the support, I just didnít think my opponent would also plop his troops near my infantry. I stretched myself thin in the beginning, and brought it back together in the end. Next time I will defiantly keep the pariahs near the warriors, even if they have no cover.
"When a necron gets hit with a weapon more than double its toughness it is hit so hard that it goes into "negative damage" and does less damage than it actually would if it hit him with less force!" Quote from azimaith on Warseer, contemplating how much GW will Nerf the WBB rules.
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Default Re: Small necron vs necron battle (pariahs-gasp!)

Good game man! I'm very surprised that you won, but just goes to show that you never can tell with 40k.

Yay Pariahs!
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