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Reinventing the Necrons
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Default Re: Reinventing the Necrons

Originally Posted by BrownKnight
If they only had them in heavy destroyers, and only had 3 heavy destroyers per squad max, then I do not see it as stepping on the toes of others, as you give up monoliths or tomb spiders to play 9 of them, and 6 or less can be killed off quickly when they swoop in.

I have no problem with the 18" range part, I just do not think it is needed, as a normal destroyer can take the same three shots vs. a tank at the full range already, so players would use normal destroyers if they wanted the three gauss shots. (I myself would rather penetrate AV14.)
You do. Penetrating hits override Gauss.

The armies that have weapons like this, (dark eldar [disintergrators] and eldar [fire prisims]) have greater range (fire prisms), or the ability to spam many more of these guns (disintegrators).
The Dark Eldar codex hasn't been updated since 2nd or 3rd edition. You need three Fire Prisms with LOS to the target to get an AP 3 attack, and that's still not as dangerous as what you're suggesting.

With all due respect, could you try to think a bit more carefully before you say that X is just fine because of Y?

I find it odd that the necrons are supposed to be a powerful shooty army, but have no weapon short of a Heavy cannon or particle whip that can ignore the save of a marine. They actually have more melee weapons that ignore saves than ranged ones. (3 as opposed to 2, unless you count c'tan, then it is 5 vs. 3.)
Then they need special weapon options. You can't have a unit that's good at everything, remember.

Weren't you complaining about Destroyers being a target already?

Therefore, I think this 18" gun option would be a good idea, as it would get people to play more of an under used unit, but much like vespid or roughriders, they would make one strike and then be killed, unless they were played with extreme care, they would still not be good vs. a horde, (as any horde can either shoot or assault them, or both, in response to the units shooting.) and they would fill a gap in the shooting of the necrons. AP 3 weaponry. (Terminators would still be the bane of necron shooting though. )
Well yes, but they're like that for everybody.

I think there's a better way to fill that gap than doubling up weapons systems for Heavy Destroyers.
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Default Re: Reinventing the Necrons

Note: Fire prisms can get Ap2 with one tank, and Ap3 (on the dot with its dispersed option) with two.

I agree with thunder... sorda. I still feel it is too powerful and I don't feel like taking flack for an all powerful unit (remember the assault cannon). I mean, Ap3 is generaly a specialized weapon, and I still can't get over how powerful three shots looks.

I'm going to put the options thus far proposed for the heavy destroyer.

1.) Change Bs to 5
2.) Put heavy destroyers in destroyer units
3.) Change Ap to 1
4.) increase range by 6" (generally a no-no)
5.) Add a second fire option (must be careful to not be too powerful)
6.) Add a targeter
7.) Reduce the point cost (always an option)
8.) Leave it the way it is until the new rule book (maybe gauss will be changed so a high strength weapon will benefit)
"When a necron gets hit with a weapon more than double its toughness it is hit so hard that it goes into "negative damage" and does less damage than it actually would if it hit him with less force!" Quote from azimaith on Warseer, contemplating how much GW will Nerf the WBB rules.
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Default Re: Reinventing the Necrons

PM me with any requests to add to the thread.
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