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Necron Tactics, Battle Reports, and Army Lists, Misc.
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Default Necron Tactics, Battle Reports, and Army Lists, Misc.


There is a Search Function on the forums allowing members to search for topics of interest, but more importantly it allows users to check to see if the topic they are creating has been created before. Doing this would mean topics do not recur so people don't waste their time repeating what has already been said. Furthermore it is extremely irritating to senior members here as we have posted regarding certain topics over and over and over, which is not enjoyable. So I ask all members who are posting here to first check whether their topic has already been done.

PS: In case you haven't yet realized the Search button is located at the top left of the page, under the title 'Search'.

Important Topics
Here's the stuff you need to read. Because we can't keep all the good juicy stuff stickied, we just keep a list of links instead. If you think a certain topic is worthy of this, just PM me.

The beginners guide to starting a Necron army.
Tactics Threads
Massive Necron Tactica collection.
Tactics for 5th Edition Analysis of the units in our codex, with an eye to 5th edition.
Know Your Self, units and abilities and what thery're good for.
General Necron Overview A general overview of the necrons.
How to beat Necrons, information on the necron weaknesses, highly classified of course.
Necron Tactics and other nasty little tricks.
The Red Harvest, tips to beat a specific army with Necrons.
Necrons vs Necrons. Whats worse than one Necrons army fighting? Can you say "We'll be back?"
Countering the Waith Wall

Miscellaneous and Fluff Threads
Gauss in a Nutshell. Have gauss questions? Look here first.
Necron A to Z.
The True names of the Star Gods, those who have been promoted to C'tan Status.
Necron Gauss Tech explained, A discussion of the necron Gauss weaponry
Various C'tan threads.
Discussion on the Void Dragon, and the Outsider.

This thread contains links to various submitted Necron army lists. PM me if you would like yours here.
The Watchers "unbeaten" min-maxed army.
Graendal's 2000 point Necron army list.
Pyromaniacs 1K starter list.
Olannons 1500 point list.

Battle Reports. PM me to add one
Necrons vs Ultramarines by The Long Night.
Necrons vs 13th Company by Omen
BatRep: 1500 point Necron vs. LatD (part 1)
Necron vs Tau 500 points by Dadus Oldmanus
MechaGodzilla Necrons vs. Space Marines 2k
MechaGodzilla Necrons vs. Space Wolves 2k
Necrons vs Tau Empire 1850

Thanks to Hunter for making this list long ago. I simply added a few links to the existing bulk of them.
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