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The Phalanx and 4th ed.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default The Phalanx and 4th ed.

So, I'm new to Necrons and would first like someone to give a brief explanation of how the Phalanx works etc. To make sure I have it straight.

However, I'm pretty sure it relies on blocking line of sight, which you can not do in 4th ed.

So, how is the Phalanx applied in 4th ed. and is it as effective now without being able to block line of sight to destroyers/immortals etc.?
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Default Re: The Phalanx and 4th ed.

Destroyers are so tough, honestally I don't really worry about blocking LoS to them. The same goes for Immortals really.

I think the only true weakness we are feeling from 3rd to 4th is how vunerable Pariahs have become with the loss of screening. Now that all you have to do is pass a leadership test to hit them, they go down alot faster. I think they might change that with the next codex, perhaps even re-write the way Necrons should be played by tweaking the rules and such.

Anyway, onto your question. Phalanx works by simple advancement of your core units while your faster units try to flank the enemy. Really I perfer a faster Necron army that that, so I rarely use it. It works well though, if it is what you want to do.

I'm afraid that I didn't play much in 3rd edition, so my knowlege is limited of it. Hope that helps though.
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