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Default pariahs

hi, im looking at starting anecron army as my first in 40k, i really really like the models for pariahs as well as the little background that i have read, iwas hoping some of you would be able to tell me more about them e.g reccomended battlefeild uses andyour opinions.

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Default Re: pariahs

Their use all depends on how you plan to use them with your army. If you want a hard hitting, fast army based around destroyers, your probably wouldn't want them because they can't teleport with the lords VoD, and so Immortals would be better. If you're playing against a Psychic heavy race, like Eldar or Thousand Sons, hug the scenery and hit them hard.
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Default Re: pariahs

Also make sure you have alot of warriors backing them up. This is for two reasons
one: They dont geta be back role so you can use them asa fire screen
Two: they wont fade out then. Always balence the army more in favour of necrons (people withe the NECRON rule). Try to get about 80% of the army necron so you dont fade out as much.
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Default Re: pariahs

I like them but on the battlefield they aren't all that good.

Immortals are just as good from range, are cheaper, get the WBB roles and add to the necron count in your army.

This leaves the pariahs with combat but with a poor amount of attacks and relatively low I compared to other armies they are pretty poor in combat for their points value.

As has been said they can work well against psychic heavy armies but i wouldnt use them against much else especially due to the fact that you can't shield them with necron squads anymore.
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