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New to Necrons- what would make a good 500pt army?
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Question New to Necrons- what would make a good 500pt army?

`I'm fairly new to Warhammer 40k and have just started playing with a Necron Army.
A few friend's and I are looking to start building our armies up and having some 500pt battles, so I'm looking for a few ideas for a 500pt Necron army.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated
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With the advent of the new codex, you have allot of options. Here would be a suggestion to get a feel for the new necrons:

HQ- 165 points
Overlord with Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Resurrection Orb, Phaeror upgrade

Troops- 235
5 Warriors (to hold objective)

10 Immortals with Gauss Blasters and attached Overlord

Heavy- 90
Annihilation Barge with Gauss Cannon

That should give you a good start, but it might be a bit expensive monetarily speaking.
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Warriors. Lots of warriors. Did I mention warriors? Ok, I'll say it again. WARRIORS! They are great against lots of things within 12" and guass means it automaticly glances a vehicle on a roll to damage on a 6. They are really worth it. (Only 13 points a model)
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500 point, necrons, new player, newbie help

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