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1000 Point List vs. Marines
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1000 Point List vs. Marines

Hello Everyone,

I have been battling a guy who plays space marines and I've had mixed results with my lists. We are planning on a 1000 point game of Annihilation
he's used marine squads with lascannons, whirlwind, land raiders, and he really makes good use of his scouts.

I've heard good things about immortals. Many say that the T5 goes a long way and resist Phase out much better because marines don't generally have S10. So WWBs are to be had basically always with Immortals. I'll run the larger immortal group around with my lord and use the smaller one as a shield for the warriors and as a decoy for the warriors and then have a tomb spyder nearby so if they recieve massed fire if they all go down they join the other squad jumping around resulting in a huge immortal squad jumping around.
Here's the list I plan to use

Lord w/Staff of Light, Veil of Darkness

Immortals: 10

Warriors: 10
Warriors: 10

Heavy Support:
Tomb Spyder 1

My list below is what I used the first time I played him at 1000 pnts, but both of us playing were out of practice, him more so then me. I've run this list in the past and I won with it, but neither of us knew what we were doing, but I stayed back and it seemed to work to let him come to me.

Lord w/Staff, Lightening Field, Phlactery

Warriors: 12
Warriors: 10
Warriors: 10

Heavy Support:
Monolith: 1

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Kroot Shaper
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This seems long, but it goes through the battle like a battle report.

I tried uploading some diagrams to help with understanding the the turn by turn action, but file is far to large.

So I finally played a 1000pnt game and used the first list above. It was annihilation. The opposing army was infantry based with a squad of 5 terminators, a tactical marine squad with 2 rocket launchers, a jumppack marine squad, a land speeder, a biker squad, and a dreadnought.
The battlefield was split in 2 unequal parts by a river with 2 forests on each side and and on the larger side there was a mountain. We rolled off for deployment zones I won the roll and choose the larger side for its ease of movement, the mountain, and it would provide more buffer between my troops and his. Then we rolled for deployment and he went won that so he deployed first.
Then I deployed my 1st warrior squad in the woods for cover and to act as a defensive position
I put the 2nd warrior squad at the base of the mountain
the larger immortal squad deployed at the back edge of the board with my lord, ready to veil off somewhere, and next to the tomb spyder, which would head in the direction of combat to be used in case a squad was wiped
the smaller squad of immortals deployed near the warriors in the woods to act as a buffer and to take the first hit to give the warriors a chance to escape.
After deploying I rolled and seized the initiative.
Necron turn 1:
I deepstriked my lord w/immortals near the edge of the river on my side, but deviating into the river much closer than I wanted, but I didn't mishap so it was ok. So I shot into his tactical marine squad with my 10 immortals, but just out of range for my lord and downed 3 marines.
The 1st warrior squad advanced toward the front edge of the forest where they would spend most of the rest of the game. The 2nd warrior squad advanced up the mountain. The 2nd immortal squad advanced to a position in front of the forest and the tomb spyder moved toward the that area as well and in the assault phase produced a scarab swarm.
Marine turn 1:
The tactical squad remained stationary and fired into my squad downing 2 immortals with krak missiles and a third with bolter fire. Then his assault marines, dreadnought, land speeder moved to fire at the immortal/lord squad, but causing no additional casualties. His bikes crossed the river and the terminators approached the river and ran into it.
Necron turn 2:
I made 3 WBBs and the immortal/lord squad teleported deep into the middle of the Necron side of the field and fired at the bikes with immortals. Managing to take down 1 bike.
The 2nd immortal squad moved and now in range opened fire on the terminators hitting with all 10 shots amazingly and taking down 1 terminator
The first warrior squad did nothing.
The second warrior squad managed to get positioned on the peak of the mountain ready to fire at anything that got to close.
The Tomb Spyder moved again following the advance of the 2nd immortal squad and popped another scarab out.
Marine turn 2:
The jump pack marines jumped to the rivers edge on the Marine side and tried to shoot into my lord/immortal squad and knocking an immortal down.
The bikes advanced and fired into my warriors knocking down one.
The tactical marine squad fired 2 kraks into my Tomb Spyder squad exploding the 2 accompanying scarabs.
The Land speeder crossed the river and fired on the lord/immortal squad knocking down 2 more immortals.
The terminators finished crossing the river and then opened fire on the second immortal squad knocking down 1.
The dreadnought decided not to cross, but still in heavy bolter range fired on the 2nd immortal squad downing another immortal.
Necron turn 3:
The lord/immortal squad made 2 WBBs and remained stationary and fired into the bikes destroying and now within staff of light range killed one bike outright and wounded the leader bike.
The 2nd warrior squad made its WBB and fired into the remaining bike gunning it down.
The 2nd immortal squad made 1 WBB and began falling back some and fired into the terminators killing 2 more terminators.
The Tomb Spyder realizing it was likely needed more on the mountain side of the field began moving toward my warrior squad on the mountain and I forgot to attempt to make another scarab swarm.
Marine turn 3:
The tactical marine squad began moving forward.
The assault marine jumped over the river and fired into my lord/immortal squad and downed 2 immortals.
The dreadnought fired into my 2nd immortal squad downing 1
The terminators advanced and fired into 2nd immortal squad downing another.
The land speeder repositioned and fired at my lord/immortal squad downing 2 more immortals.
Necron turn 4:
The lord/immortal squad made 1WBB and now decides to fire at the land speeder causing it to become shaken
The 2nd immortal squad makes 1 WBB and attempts to shoot the terminators causing no damage.
The 2nd warrior squad fires at the assault marines and kills 1.
The Tomb Spyder moves and assaults the land speeder destroying the assault cannon.
Marine turn 4:
The terminator squad advances to the edge of the forward forest and fires on the 2nd immortal squad downing 1.
The land speeder moves away from the tomb spyder and the dreadnought fires at the tomb spyder within melta range inflicting a wound on the spyder.
The tactical squad fires two crack missiles into the lord/immortal squad downing 2.
The assault squad advances on the lord/immortal squad and fires a flamer and bolters downing 2 more immortals.
Necron turn 5:
The lord/immortal squad makes 3 WBBs and deep strikes next to the 2nd immortal squad and fires into the 2 terminators causing no damage.
The 1st warrior squad in the woods fires 1 shot with the only person who has line of sight to the terminators and downs a terminator.
The 2nd immortal squad down to its last man fires its 2 shots and kills the last terminator.
The tomb spyder moves behind some rocks and produces a scarab swarm.
The 2nd warrior squad fires on the assault squad killing 1 and wounding 2 leaders in that group of assault marines.
Marine turn 5:
The tactical squad crosses the river and regroups on the other side.
The dreadnought fires its heavy bolter at the immortal/lord squad causing no damage.
The land speeder fires at the 2nd warrior squad causing no damage
The assault squad moves against the edge of the mountain and fires a pistol shot into the 2nd warrior squad and downs a warrior. They attempted to assault, but didn't roll high enough in the difficult terrain test.
Necron turn 6:
Seeing that my 2nd warrior squad was in danger my lord deep striked with my 1st warrior squad which was within 6 inches of him and focused down one of the assault marines and one of the leaders.
then the 2nd warrior squad focused down the last assault marine.
The two immortal squads fired at the dreadnought making it shaken.
Marine turn 6:
The land speeder fired at the 1st warrior squad doing no damage.
The tactical squad fired at the 1st warrior squad downing a warrior.
The dreadnought moved away from the sights of my immortals.

Then the game ended.
I won removing 3 of his squads and he killed none of mine.

Some notes:
I found the tomb Spyder to be an asset because of its ability to allow WBBs as long as another squad of the same type is on the board and making scarabs probably saved it from dying. I know some people don't like using that, but its like free wounds if it doesn't hurt itself.
The player I was playing doesn't regularly play and so wasn't up on his tactics and the way we set up on the battlefield meant we were much farther apart. We set up 12” from the edge for some reason even though it should be 24”apart.
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