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All Warrior 2000pnt list
Old 24 Jun 2010, 07:28   #1 (permalink)
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Default All Warrior 2000pnt list

Hi All!!

I've had a crazy thought whist staring at my necron army over on the shelf. I've been really working hard on my nid and kroot ramies, and have been longing for the simplicity that is necrons.

My current collection:

1 walking lord
1 Destroyer lord
5 converted Immortals (warriors with double guns in a shootout pose)
20 Scarabs (My long time favorite, have been planning to get a full set for ages)
48 Warriors (can't get any better than the basic warrior! scoring, and can stop anything!)

12 warriors (after building and painting the rest in a week of 6am mornings to get some painting in for a tourney before work i just couldn;t bring myself to build more)

I realized that i could have 60 warriors up and running pretty quick after a few days of building and painting. That got me thinking of a crazy idea. 100 warriors.

so here it is, the list that is the embodyment of the necron ideal:

HQ: 200pnts
1 lord with ressurrection orb, phylactory, phase shifter, gaze of flame

Troops: 1800pnts

20x warriors
20x warriors
20x warriors
20x warriors
20x warriors

total: 2,000pnts
Phase out: 25

I know the list lacks lots of things, especially mobility, but i've never really played a molibe list.

the sight of one hundred and one necrons on the table should be enough to throw most people for a bit of a loop.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: All Warrior 2000pnt list

1) Just hope you don't get assaulted as a sweep could lose you 20 warriors at a time.

2) With that many warriors it would be beneficial to get a second babysitter lord to get ResOrb coverage.

I do agree that this would look damn impressive on the field, but it has more problems than mobility. This might actually be the only situation I'd advocate putting disruption fields on warriors, just so you can deal with walkers that try to stop your undying march.

Your Lord's loadout could also be debated a bit. I think the Chronometron would be more useful than the Phylactery since it can prevent sweeps.
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Default Re: All Warrior 2000pnt list


I thought about adding another lord, but then i'm under 100 warriors. For some reason i'm finding it to be a fun idea for a list.

I've been thinking about giving them all disruption fields, which adds on 200pnts, if i take another lord and give them both warscythes, that'd be 2420, still pretty far from 2500.

I've also been debating giving him Chrometron, but that'd mean sticking him in a squad, and that could result in a sweep that looses him.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 74
Default Re: All Warrior 2000pnt list

But if you don't put him in a squad he can be targeted by enemy shooting, and it makes me curious why you gave him Gaze of Flame since I would think it's primary benefit in this list is the defensive grenade effect it would give whatever Warrior squad he's attached to.

I'd only give the Lords warscythes for the same reason I'd give the warriors disruption fields: walkers. Outside of that the 12" gun with a power weapon attached will probably be more useful for a shooty phalanx. I think you could go minimalistic with the Lords in this list, which will help save points to keep your warrior count high.
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