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1500 Necrons what I want to start with
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Default 1500 Necrons what I want to start with

Necrons will be my 3rd army and this is what I think would be a good 1500 point list to start off with. The Battleforce and the codex are the only things I have picked up so nothing is set in stone. Just looking for everyones thoughts on it.


Necron Lord ( resurrection orb, phylactery, solar pulse, and lightning field) 200pts


Warriors (4 10 man squads) 720pts


Tomb spyders ( 2 spyders) 110pts

Monolith ( 2 monolyths) 470pts

1500pts total

Again looking for input.
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Default Re: 1500 Necrons what I want to start with

One quick thing that stands out is you are going to have a lot of trouble killing with this list. If you have a battle force I'd consider using the destroyers to give you more kill power.
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Default Re: 1500 Necrons what I want to start with

2 monoliths is over kill.

Swap 1 out for some destroyers and I advies trying to get some other heavier fore power such as immortals with a veil of darkness, a potent and devastating strike squad.

Personally I don't actually take a monolith for certain until the 2000points range.

Scarabs are also a lovely unit, with disruption pods 10 of them will glance a stationary vehicle 8 times! and they will slow down and even kill annoying units, i have had 5 rake through a squad of dark reapers and pathfinders one after the other without dying.
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