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School Tourney
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Default School Tourney

Right, the wargaming club at my school will soon be entering in a competition: 600 pts an army, only 1 Fast attack OR 1 Heavy support choice unit allowed.

Here is what I own:
1 Lord w/Warscythe/Ressurection Orb (removable)
1 Lord w/SoL/Ressurection Orb/Destroyer Body
1 Deceiver
3 Destroyers
4 Wraiths
35(ish) Warriors
9 Scarabs

I have been thinking along the lines of:
Lord - 180 pts
Solar Pulse
Ressurection Orb

Warriors x10 - 180

Warriors x10 - 180

Scarabs x5 - 60
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Default Re: School Tourney

Do you still need to follow the standard force organization chart or have you got the Basics (Lord + 2 x 10 warriors) by choice?

If you do then i would go for the destroyer lord and fly him round with the scarabs. If you do that then you can get another one in the squad but that takes you 2 points over.
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Default Re: School Tourney

Necrons at points that like honestly... just aren't fun. Seeing what you have to work with that's pretty much what I would do except I'd change the war gear on the lord a tad.

Lord -
Ressurection orb
Phase Shifter

I personally feel you'll see more use out of an invun on your lord than the other pieces of wargear you picked.

With that said if you had a tomb spyder I'd use that instead of the scarabs however you have to use what you have so the scarabs will do

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