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My army...2494 points
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Kroot Warrior
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Default My army...2494 points

HQ1-Necron Lord with Destroyer body, Resurrection Orb, Warscythe, and Phylactery.
HQ2-Necron Lord with Warscythe, Phase Shifter, and Veil of Darkness.
elite-4 flayed ones with disruption fields
elite-5 immortals
troop-10 warriors
troop-10 warriors
troop-10 warriors
troop-10 warriors with disruption fields
troop-10 warriors with disruption fields
troop-10 warriors with disruption fields
fast attack-3 destroyers
fast attack-3 destroyers
fast attack-10 scarab swarms with disruption fields
heavy support-heavy destroyer
heavy support-monolith
heavy support-tomb spyder
what do you think? it has not been tested yet...and criticism and advice is welcome!
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Default Re: My army...2494 points

i honestly think thats pretty solid. Except in my humble opinion you
should drop a warrior unit or 2 and spend the points on a c'tan or
more heavy destroyers....

Rock on!
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Default Re: My army...2494 points

I'm not a big fan of this list, I think it'll be a great way to try out a bunch of Necron unit types....but as a competitive list I'm skeptical.

1. Necron Lords are not good point expenditures. Its bad enough that we must have one...you have brought 2, and neither is well configured.

1A. Your destroyer Lord with warscythe has a Res Orb, but you don't have any other jetbike Close combat Necrons . If he is going to hang out with the Destroyers he doesn't need the scythe, if he is going to go fight the enemy close up he doesn't need the res orb (it won't help him as he's T6, and no one else will be around.

1B. Your Veil Lord with phase shifter has no way to get into the close combat his warscythe needs. Also, as a walking independent character with 60 buddies it seems unlikely he will need his phase shifter, since the enemy can't target him unless he is the closest target.

Suggested changes: I'd say just take 1 Lord, with a staff of light and a veil of darkness. Stand him in your phalanx and if the enemy gets into CC use him to warp the targeted unit out.

2. Flayed Ones are 5-10, right? So you can't take 4 of them. I'm not sure of this, actually, been a while since I trucked out the ole Flayed Ones. Anyway, they are adequate table quarter claimers...but this list doesn't lack for table quarter claimers, as you are likely to put your phalanx in the middle of the table. On another note, putting disruption fields on Flayed Ones is dicey....there is nothing with a high enough toughness that it needs it, and they are unlikely to be presented with a vehicle to fight, as every vehicle in the game is at least as fast as they are.

Suggested changes: I'd drop the Flayed Ones from this particular list

3. Immortals. There is nothing bad to say about 5 Immortals...except you need 5 more. Necron units should never be used singly, as they can all get knocked down in a big fusillade and you won't get WBB.

Suggested changes: Using points saved from Flayed Ones and the Lords I'd get 5 more Immortals and make them a second unit.

Warriors: I'll be blunt...I think you've got too many. Warriors are rapid fire troops, so they need a teleport to get over to the enemy and fight. You only have 1 veil, so only 1 sixth of your guys are going to be in their base, killing their dudes. Another unit of 10 can get a 6 inches boost from the monolith, but in general you are going to have trouble getting these guys over into enemy territory to fight. In addition to this, D-field? On guys who don't infiltrate or move faster than 6"? They have Gauss Flayers...which are rapid fire weapons, so if you shoot them you can't charge. When are you ever going to use disruption fields?

Suggested changes: Drop about half of them, form the remainder into a 10 man squad (veilers) and a 20 man squad (monolithers) Drop the disruption fields. The remaining ~500 points can give you some more Destroyers, Tomb Spyders, Immortals or just about anything else.

Destroyers: Love it, good choice. 2 units of 3 destroyers is an excellent cadre.

Scarabs: Love it, good choice, a max size scarab swarm is excellent.

Heavy Support: 1 Heavy D. As I discuss under Immortals, Necron units work best in pairs. With just 1 Heavy D he's unable to benefit from the monolith reroll WBB, unable to ever WBB...its just bad for such an expensive model.

Recommended changes: I'd drop the Heavy D. You need the other 2 slots for other stuff, if you still have points left over from the warriors you can use this slot for a second monolith, or just put them into more Immortals/Destroyers.

Monolith: Use it well, this is a big asset in a list with so many Necrons.

Tomb Spyder: Love it, good choice, a tomb spyder is excellent, esp. in your list, with all its warriors.

The fact that I've got all this criticism shouldn't be interpreted to mean that I think this list won't do ok as is, we have a very forgiving codex and certain armies can be owned by a million rapid firing guys. From all the upgrades it looks like you are running out of models. I'd say to just play a lower point value so you can comfortably pick only the units you want, until you get a few more blisters and can pick and choose.

Good Harvesting.
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Default Re: My army...2494 points

Ditch the DFields on the Warriors to gain another HDestroyer.

Decide what you want the Lords to do and gear them towards that and avoid mixing roles/upgrades.

Example, the Destroyer Lord could swap out the Orb for the Phase Shifter from the Infantry Lord. This lets him have a decent chance (not great, but decent) of tackling big scary Lords and such. Maybe add a Gaze of Flame to help him quickly get through Guard style horde units to push onward to the juicy targets.

The Infantry Lord probably wants to drop the War Scythe and Phase Shifter. A Res Orb and Veil is about all you probably need.

It would be very advantageous to attempt to add another Immortals squad. My inclination is to drop a Warrior squad to make this addition (and any points needed in Lord re-configs).

I like your list as is. However, it does have a number of liabilities, such as DFields and ambiguous and inefficient Lord roles/upgrades. It is probably not fit for highly competitive play, but it does make use of a number of fun and diverse elements. I, personally, would try to keep some of these more "out-there" things in, like the Flayed Ones. But, then-again, I do not play a particularly competitive Necron force myself.
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