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Help me with my Games Day Atlanta List
Old 20 Apr 2007, 15:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default Help me with my Games Day Atlanta List

Ok, I'm attending the Games Day Atlanta 40k tournament, probably a terrible idea, but I'm doing it.

In this list I've got:

20 warriors,
9 Tomb Spyders

For a grand total of 855 points spent out of 1500.

How should I spend the last 645 points?

I can't use more than one unit of scarabs, since I only own 30 and I want to try out churning them out of the Tomb Spyders.
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Default Re: Help me with my Games Day Atlanta List

What do you want for HQ?

I believe that 1500 is too few points to commit The Deciever to, so I suggest a Lord. In a Monstrous list such as this, I have to believe that fairly few upgrades are worth selecting. I am ever the fan of the Destroyer Body as it gives you the magnificent movement curve and incredible T6. On this slow of a list, a quick response Lord might be invaluable.

I would not bother with anything on an infantry Lord besides either a Veil, Res Orb or maybe (just maybe) the Chronometron. The Veil is useful in a similar vein as the Destroyer Body. The Orb is pretty obvious and is an attempt to preserve your far from numerous Necron models. Chronometron is (to me) a nifty item that is fairly cheap but can make all the difference here and there.

I would say that long ranged firepower should be at the top of your list for the rest of the points. Destroyers would seem ideal, but might suck up your points too quickly. I would actually go for two squads of Immortals to fill up as much as you can. With so many Spyders, you can have one on each flank and ignore WBB.

After taking a dozen or more Immortals, I would probably try to beef up the Warriors a little or (if you are lucky) add a third squad.

The one thing I would absolutely try to avoid is Pariahs. I know you are already well versed in their value (thanks to the great BatReps), but I will just reiterate that they are not as useful as Immortals in a competitive setting.

Whichever direction you go, I wish you good luck!
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Old 24 Apr 2007, 14:30   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Help me with my Games Day Atlanta List

Hey, Good Luck!

Looking at your base units and the fact you are going to a BIG tournament, I would expect you opponent to go for phase outs and run away from those spyders (I assume you will be generating lots of scarabs as you walk across the board).

In order to prevent this tactic I would recommend adding three squads of flayed ones to be used to deep strike table quarters and objectives and take your opponents mind off of your main troops and spiders. The tactic of strike em and hide em comes to mind.

I would also recommend (recognizing arguments for and against) making large units of warriors say size 16 or 17 which forces you to concentrate fire and break units below half while preventing these units from becoming non scoring units.

Were you going to have your warriors walk behind the Spyder wall?

In putting together this list the principal weakness is a termi unit getting behind you and charging your backside. You would have to take the points from the flayed ones and warriors at the 1500 point level or dedicate some of your spiders for butt protection. I am not sure I have an answer for this one.

A lord with the res orb is the common HQ of choice here.

So it would look something like this

Lord w/ Res Orb

Flayed ones 3 units of 5

33 broken however you want

[glow=red,2,300]Heavy Support[/glow]
Tomb Spyders
3 units of 3

Phase out is at 12 with 49 necrons
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Default Re: Help me with my Games Day Atlanta List

I wouldn't generate scarabs with your tomb spiders. Due to the way shooting is allocated if a tomb spider is joined by a scarab swarm your previously toughness 6 monster is now toughness 3! That is a big big problem, having your monsters instant killed by plasma guns.

I'd say add more actual necrons to this list. A lord (obviously) and then immortals and warriors or lots of flayed ones could also be fun.
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Default Re: Help me with my Games Day Atlanta List

The Scarabs/Tomb Spyder unit rules are a nightmare, true, but it isn't quite as bad as that. Toughness is majority toughness for rolling to wound, but Instant Death is checked after saves, at which time it is checked against "the model's" toughness. So you don't have your tomb spyders instant killed by plasma, but you DO have them wounded by any old thing.

On the other hand it is awful when the Dakka comes down. Ten marines rapid firing into a Tomb Spyder will ordinarily generate around 2 wounds, which he saves against at armor 3. If he has one scarab they will instead generate roughly9 wounds, which you take in flights. The first 3 will kill 2 wounds of scarabs, then you take 2 on the boss, then another one to get the last wound of scarab, then the last 5 hit the boss. So instead of 2 saves you end up making 5 saves.

The scarab is at its best when you take a Lascannon shot. This instant kills the base and leaves the Tomb Spyder unharmed.

Its a bit of a tough decision, but I'm getting better at using them.
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