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What Converted You?
Old 27 May 2010, 04:08   #21 (permalink)
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Default Re: What Converted You?

Dantini - I am Frequency
Just amazing
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Originally Posted by V
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It's like being totally wasted on drugs, only with no side effects.
eg being arrested for licking a police officer's face trying to find out if they really do taste like snozberrys
It's true!
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Default Re: What Converted You?

Hmm...well, I grew up in the Norwegian countryside, and the musical input was rather limited...
The person who "converted" me into (my favourite) the rock/metal genre was none other than my mother :3
She bought me a cassette: "Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire" for my 11th birthday (probably for the "family-friendly" looking cover-art)...something I guess she still have regrets about...

But songs which made me a fan of certain groups...hard to think of, right off the bat though...

Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution
Faderhead - TZDV
Warren Zevon - Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
Otis Taylor - Ten Million Slaves
Dagaard - Thakisis Dance
Draconian - The Morningstar
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Old 30 May 2010, 05:05   #23 (permalink)
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Default Re: What Converted You?

One song converted me from rock & jazz to metal...
Run To The Hills- Iron Maiden

This song totally changed what I listen to from 7th grade on. Introduced me to metal as a whole, as well as Iron Maiden, which is still my favorite band 8 years on- which is saying something since I'm only 19.


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Originally Posted by Circus, HARLEQUIN OF TAU 0NLINE!
That makes far too much sense to be used in 40k
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Old 30 May 2010, 15:14   #24 (permalink)
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Default Re: What Converted You?

Crawl Through Knives - In Flames
Misery's Crown - Dark Tranquillity
Confrontation - Otep
Twisted Transistor - KoRn

Originally Posted by Lord Scythican
Well I was converted to their music, but only that song. Everything else was different. It was enough for me to buy a few of their CDs instead of downloading them. To me thats converted and I hope I find more songs that I like by them. Other bands are pretty good about keeping a "sound", but I don't think InFlames does their music that way.
The early In Flames had a different vocalist, before Lunar Strain I think. Come Clarity is my favourite album of theirs, but Come Clarity as the song, eh, it's not that good. Crawl Through Knives and Dead End are better.

Originally Posted by SILK
She sounds more like Nightwish than Nightwish does.
Oh dear god, please tell me I did not just read that, and that you didn't type it either.

Originally Posted by Minako
The female race really is disgusting.

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Default Re: What Converted You?

Alestorm- Over the Seas
This was the song that turned me from listeing to just the radio and into metal. This was my first taste of metal.

Avantasia- Reach Out for the Light
This song came later on when I was looking for new bands and this song blew me away from all the guitar and lead vocals.

Blind Guardian- Nightfall
This made made me realise that metal did not have to be all about guitars and could include flutes and other wind instruments.

Those are the songs that have turned me into a metal head.
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