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[Concert Review] Dethtour (Toronto)
Old 21 Jun 2008, 17:24   #1 (permalink)
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Default [Concert Review] Dethtour (Toronto)

I was there last night, and it was quite a show. I'll break it down into topics:

The Kool Haus. I'm going to rave about this place for a little before talking about music, so bear with me. It's a great venue; entranceway is wide enough that there's never a crush to get in or out. Bars on three sides so you can always get something to drink (obscene concert prices still apply, of course). The sound was pretty good, but it was nearly impossible to understand what was being said in some of the between-song Dethklok skits. There's even some honest-to-goodness padded benches on one wall, so collapsing in exhaustion (or relaxing before the show started) was possible.

It's also right downtown, close to the DVP (and LCBO).

Soilent Green:
Meh. It's very much a "ragggh, noise!" band, and they were pretty enthusiastic, but the sound just didn't do it for me.

Crowd - some horns/fists and headbanging, no pit.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan. They're not bad by any means, but I'm not all that into their music.

But holy ****ing hell, they know how to put on a show. Lights, energy, stage presence, the works.

Crowd - central mosh pit, lots of horns/fists and headbanging.

The artists were on stage, with three large projector screens showing full-length music videos for each song, none of which save the one for Hatredcopter have been seen before to my knowledge. Between some of the songs there were average (hilarious) Metalocalypse skits. The live showing was pretty impressive, and did a good but not perfect job of emulating the studio sound; for a band that doesn't technically exist, that's good to know.

Unfortunately, they travel in a custom-painted tour bus (hereafter referred to as "the Dethbus" by myself), rather than the Hatredcopter or giant metal cube of deth :P.

Crowd - forward mosh pit, full-area shoulder-to-shoulder with headbanging and fists/horns aplenty.

Mixed bag; adult shirt sizes were $30 each, but the new Chaimera album was only ten. Stands were located outside of the main area, allowing folks to go by on the way out.

Memorable Quotes:
"Before we came up on stage, I noticed a certain smell. [A number of people were smoking weed in the crowd.] Not to say that Canadians smell bad, I certainly enjoy this particular smell, but if some of you folks would like to throw some of that stuff with that lovely smelling up on stage, you know, we had to cross the border and hide all of ours."
-- Chaimera

"Alright, are you folks ready for Dethklok?!"
*Crowd screams*
"Oh come on, you sound like those faggots from Montreal. You lot speak English, you know what I'm saying. ARE YOU READY FOR DETHKLOK?!"
*Crowd damages my eardrums*
-- Chaimera

"If we turned all the fans into mutants, how would that be different from how they are now?"
-- Metalocalypse (the General)
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Old 22 Jun 2008, 00:31   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: [Concert Review] Dethtour (Toronto)

Lol, sounds awesome. Im pretty jealous, I didnt realise there would be so many supporting acts.

So did you get a dethklok shirt?
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Old 22 Jun 2008, 01:12   #3 (permalink)
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Ontario, Canada
Posts: 9,807
Default Re: [Concert Review] Dethtour (Toronto)

Originally Posted by waargh
Lol, sounds awesome. Im pretty jealous, I didnt realise there would be so many supporting acts.

So did you get a dethklok shirt?
Yes I did, I'll have a picture of myself in it sometime (likely tomorrow).
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Default Re: [Concert Review] Dethtour (Toronto)

Bloody hell that's sounds brutal...Now I am twice as mad that I missed Deathtour in Phili! >_<

Tickets sold out a MONTH ahead! That NEVER happened before on my memory! >_> Damn...

Well at least I have Mayhem to look forward too... ^_^

Walk Tall everyone!!!!!

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