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Why do GW fans always like metal?
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Default Why do GW fans always like metal?

Whats the link? I mean, I'm not alone in thinking a lot of GW fans like metal rather than other genres. I know loads of people here like all sorts of music, but it looks like metal is the most popular genre.
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Default Re: Why do GW fans always like metal?

Also why do a lot of us either have long hair or beards?

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Default Re: Why do GW fans always like metal?

The fanboy in me wants to say it's because metal is the best genre but I'll let Wargamer do that :P

I think that it's because metal music often has imagery that coincides with the gothic nature of the 41st millenium, the ideas of mighty warriors waging heroic war against the odds has always been a big point in the lyrics of power metal bands like Manowar and HammerFall.
In terms of Fantasy, that too is examplared in a lot of metal music, for example Rhapsody albums are all concept albums set in the "Enchanted Lands" which are chock full of goblins, elves, dragons and cliches. It's this type of imagery that attracts a lot of Warhammer players to metal music.
There's also the aggression factor to consider, we play Warhammer because we enjoy the violent and dark imagery, so it makes sense that violent and dark music goes along side such things.
Then there's the timing to consider, Games Workshop rose to promenance and established themselves largely in the 80s, which was about the same time that heavy metal music hit the world stage and bands like Iron Maiden found their peak in terms of popularity, it's not too hard to see how a lot of people who played Warhammer in those days were also heavy metal fans which means that a lot of todays veterans are likely still fans. I myself was not a metal head until I came to this forum, and the same can be said of many other members like 1shot1kill.
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Default Re: Why do GW fans always like metal?

Because warhammer isn't a "popular" game so to speak, so the people who play it tend not to be "popular" people. This means we don't have to follow the crowd and listen to rap and hip hop, we can listen to real music! ;D

When you think about it, wargaming is the game of the loner, and loners tend to like metal. My buddies and my girl still don't get why I play it. In fact I'm pretty sure that I'm the only gamer in my town who even has a girlfriend. \

So basically we are all dorks...
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Default Re: Why do GW fans always like metal?

you could say that Vallessian, but I like Tim's reason better, even though its true..I started listening to Metal because I was unpopular, got picked on, and instead of throwing a punch, (which I should have done, even though I would've gotten the shit beat out of me) I got into Metal instead.
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Default Re: Why do GW fans always like metal?

Er.... that's a bit flawed... how is Wargaming the game of the loner? It's inherently social. Unless you somehow manage to play a game in complete silence without looking at your opponent, ever, there is going to be talking involved.

I mean, we've got things called gaming "clubs". Clubs by definition involve a group of people. You can't be in a club by yourself.

Most people also start the game with a group of friends, or at least start making friends once they start battling.

I think Metal is popular amongst wargamers because it matches the images of frenetic battles and heroic deeds.
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Default Re: Why do GW fans always like metal?

Heh. I don't listen to metal at all. :P

Your analysis is incorrect.

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Originally Posted by BloodiedFangs
Scoutninja's 100% correct.

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Default Re: Why do GW fans always like metal?

Guess I am the exception that proves the rule then.

I HATE metal, the heaviest I get is the manic street preachers. Mostly I prefer cheese in 3 varities. 1. Plastic cheese - I love bands like Steps, Boyzone and Westlife. 2. Classic cheese. On a night out my preference is for songs like build me up butter cup or hi ho silver lining. 3. Romantic cheese - eva cassidy, sarah mclachlan, sarah barilles.

And before you ask, I am straight... I just have a very questionable taste in music and films.

As an interesting point on the whole 'outsider' conversation though I was never an outsider, in fact I was one of the 'cool kids' in school and instead hid my love of GW. Even now (I'm 26) I play rugby, drink like a fish and chase women whilst not talking about GW with my friends. Not that I hide it - I just don't talk about it because they won't find it interesting.
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Default Re: Why do GW fans always like metal?

Well, I can see there are exceptions. I'm one for a start! Although I like some metal, most of the music I listen to is of the electronic nature. But a heterosexual gamer who's into cheese? That must be pretty rare!

Although I wouldn't go so far as to say wargaming is for loners, I more or less agree with Vallessian. Warhammer is never 'cool' and until I was about 17 I'd try not to bring it up unless I was talking to close friends. Now that I'm a couple of years older the people I talk to tend to be more mature, and I find it incredibly easy to get on with more or less everyone I meet. I carry of my nerdish tendancies with what I like to think of as a geek-chic flair. And the ladies like little models, oh yes.

Erm, huuuuge deviation from the topic there, but uh, yeah I agree with Vallessian.
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Default Re: Why do GW fans always like metal?

Metal. Pfft. :
Classic Rock owns all. I'm talkin letting out some Led, some Van Halen, Aerosmith, Eagles, Boston, Def Leppard ect...

Anything "Screamish" is terrible, including the "metal" stuff.
Some metal is okay, but I dislike most of it.
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