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New indie band: Faded Paper Figures
Old 14 May 2008, 20:42   #1 (permalink)
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Default New indie band: Faded Paper Figures

Well, I don't know how many indie fans there are here, but I found a pretty good one. You can listen to their songs free here. They do sound an awful lot like The Postal Service, but if The Postal Service won't make new music, someone was bound to fill their musical niche sooner or later. The melody's are nice sounding, but what I think really makes their music is the vocals. Their music was available for free download, but apparently they have studio versions of all their songs (those are just the demos that are up right now), and do not want the demo versions distributed any further. They said they will begin selling their album in a few weeks, and then they will put up their songs free again. In the mean time, you can still listen to them free.

What do you guys think? Good? No good?

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Default Re: New indie band: Faded Paper Figures

If they sound like The Postal Service Im going to be all over them. Loved their album, and apparently they will be doing a new one soon ;D I hope so. But anyway Illl definitely check em out. Thanks for the linky

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Default Re: New indie band: Faded Paper Figures

The Postal Service is working on a new album right now anyway they're okay but I'd rather listen to the Postal Service and I don't even care for the Postal Service that much to be honest.
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