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Album Review: A Sense of Purpose [In Flames]
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Default Album Review: A Sense of Purpose [In Flames]

I just picked up this album today (I had classes when it came out yesterday), and I must say I'm very impressed. After Come Clarity I feared the worst, but A Sense of Purpose delivers.

First, the initial impressions; the album art is amazing! I got the special edition, which constitutes a two stage fold-out card case:

Okay, now on to the stuff that you spend the most time on (most people, anyway): the music!

The Mirror's Truth:
With the music video out before the CD, this was an obvious 'flagship' track; it's not much like many of the other tracks though, but is a great song in it's own right.

Rapid and intense, this was the first time I can remember hearing In Flames swearing. Diverse guitar segments add flavour.

Sleepless Again:
A soft ten seconds with a very rapid song napping at it's heels.

The introduction was the first time in the album I felt a return of an old In Flames hallmark; the ability to tap your foot to a song or headbang uncontrollably. The melodic vocals and guitars in the bulk of the song sound superb at times, but favour swaying or head swinging over moshing, though. Acoustic guitar interlude.

I'm the Highway:
The vocals and instruments sound like they're fading back and forth in terms of sound definition. Interesting song.

Delight and Angers:
Vocally driven, Delight and Angers contains what was personally the most catchy chorus stanza on the CD.

Move Through Me:
A purely head-banging inducing introduction and a distinctly loud-soft polar song. Not much else to say; enjoyable, but not the best on the CD.

The Chosen Pessimist:
Starting off very slowly and taking it's time, this track reminded me a bit of Satellites and Astronauts at first. The opening vocals are somewhat weak, but over the course of it's eight minutes thirteen seconds it builds to have possibly the most energy of any song on the album.

Sober and Irrelevant:
Somewhat like a Come Clarity song; a bit much noise. Possibly the weakest track on the album, but still listen-to-able.

Starts off very 'dark' and features a very driving rhythm. The guitar solo detracted, though, in my opinion.

Drenched in Fear:
An interesting blend; you get building action where you expect a drop-off before the first chorus and other changes in pace that you don't quite expect. The overlapping vocals really work well.

March to the Shore:
Much faster and harder than I expected for the last track. A typically catchy guitar riff and slow chorus, and a guitar solo that works with the song but is totally different to the kind of heavy melody I expected to hear in the middle of this type of track.

Some more album art shots:

Overall verdict (probably not conveyed well by the one-line song reviews):

In Flames We Trust. 9/10.
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Default Re: Album Review: A Sense of Purpose [In Flames]

Sounds good. I may have to get this album, but I'd like to know, what was wrong with Come Clarity? Admittedly it's the only In Flames album I own so I can't compare it but it to any of their other works but I personally think it's a great headbanging album although some songs are noticeably weaker than others.
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Default Re: Album Review: A Sense of Purpose [In Flames]

Personally, I found Come Clarity to be pretty much System (first track on Reroute to Remain) cloned in slightly different incarnations - too much noise and not enough of what defines In Flames; catchy rhythms and enjoyable choruses. The only 'classic' track that I enjoyed was Reflect the Storm, the other two I liked (Dead End and Come Clarity) I liked simply since they were very different from the norm.
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