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If you were trapped on an island.......
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Default If you were trapped on an island.......

And only had 3 albums, what would they be and why? Think hard about this one, could you survive with just Dragonforce and Iron Maiden....?

Good Apollo I'm Burning Star Vol. 1: Through the Eyes of madness...
By Coheed and Cambria

This album has everything. From absolutely amazing guitar shredding epics to tear jerking acoustics, it is almost operatic in it's dealings. The songs deal with the extremely elaborate story of Claudio, the son of the Robots Coheed and Cambria. Full of insanely catchy guitar riffs, I have habitually listened nonstop for almost 2 years, this album will never get old.

Castaways and Cutouts
By The Decemberists

They are pioneers in something i like to call 'nautical indie'. Its extremely mellow music that deals with subjects like prostitutes, murders, and other great things you'd expect in an indie album. Its just a great album that helps put me to sleep and is amazing for studying or working.

By The Faceless

Any fan of metal will love this album. Its extremely technical death metal (or deathcore for those underground metal subculture yahoos). It has some absolutely epic soloing and synth action, as well as great vocals. The subject matter is neat to. It deals with decay, love, loss, meaning of life, and other things just a wee bit more evolved than your average Cannibal Corpse or Cattle Decap Albums. By far one of my favorite death metal albums of all time.

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Default Re: If you were trapped on an island.......

1. Something wild - Children of Bodom

My favourite album of all time. Their first album, back when bodom were at their best

2. Rise of the Tyrant - Arch Enemy

Heard it, fell in love with it.

3. Classical Mushroom - Infected Mushroom

Just in case I want a change from metal once in a while. Gotta love psytrance

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Old 30 Mar 2008, 06:23   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: If you were trapped on an island.......

I'd use the Dethklok Dethalbum to summon whales to transport me off the island...or the lake troll to carry me back to mainland. ;D
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lonely tau
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Default Re: If you were trapped on an island.......

I think I'd bring...


While it may not be the best, it's my personal favourite Rush album, as I like the 20-odd minute first song. It's a perfect storytelling thing to get you through a sort of stereotypical campfire scene.


A nice, relaxing tune. Perfect for if you're scared or lonely. Plus, it'll help you get to sleep and you'd be able to base a religion off of it :P

Powerslave or The Number of the Beast- Iron Maiden

I love both albums, and they would be great working music, for me at least. The Number of the Beast has a few good songs, but has the one song I hate on there (Run to the Hills). Whereas Powerslave is kind of short for a really good album, and doesn't have the benefit of a single uberly awesome song that you'd listen to over and over, like The Number of the Beast.

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Default Re: If you were trapped on an island.......

Hey, Syphilis, did you take Castaways and Cutouts just because it has a ship on it? :

I would take;

1. Daft Punk- by Daft Punk
2. Daemon Days- by Gorillaz
3. Cross- by Justice

(Run, Dos, Run!)
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Default Re: If you were trapped on an island.......

Easy one this:

Nightwish - Once. Seems to last for freaking ever, and a good range of songs. Plus I don't think I can live without Nemo for a day. Besides - we all know that Nightwish is about the opnly thing keeping me sane.

Iron Maiden - Brave new world. Favourite Maiden album. And I can never get bored of it. ever.

Megadeth - Rust in peace. Fave Megadeth album.
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Old 30 Mar 2008, 12:09   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: If you were trapped on an island.......

Only three... it's a hard choice, but mine will be:

-Death, "The sound of perseverance". Simply the best album of all time.
-Dimmu Borgir, "Stormblåst" (the original version from '96). Maybe it isn't the best album ever, but I really feel affection for it. It remembers me a lot of good things from the time when I was a teenager.
-For the third one, I can't decide between "Nemesis Divina" by Satyricon, and "Satanica" by Behemoth. Again, I feel great affection for these two albums...
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Default Re: If you were trapped on an island.......

Iron Maiden: Somewhere In Time - My favourite Maiden album, utterly wonderful and I could listen to it for ever and ever and ever.

David Gilmour: On An Island - Well for a start it's called On An Island, and it's also a great easy listening piece, I could just sit back and contemplate the universe listening to this.

Manowar: Hail To England - I'd need this album to remind me of dear old Blighty, also it's so powerful that it would make sure I never just give up on the island and turn bat shit crazy.
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Default Re: If you were trapped on an island.......

Ooh ooh ooh...tricky...

By: The Who

A fantastic Rock opera that has everything - great guitar riffs, creative lyrics, and an interesting storyline. I highly recommend it to everyone.

By Linkin Park

With Linkin Park, it's a kind of love/hate relationship. I know people who love them, I know people who hate them - I don't know many people who are "Meh, they're alright." For me, this was my favorite album, because it was mostly Alternative Rock, not the Nu-Metal stuff that was mostly on Hybrid Theory and the (who knows what) on Minutes to Midnight. I like all 3 albums, but this one's my favorite.

Is This It
By The Strokes
Album Artwork Here
Yeah, feel free to delete the album artwork if it's offensive. Although it doesn't show anything, it's definitely suggestive and I wouldn't be surprised if you mods didn't want it up. So, instead of posting the image, I posted a link to it. I love the album artwork because it's really funny, because it's based off of Spinal Tap, a great movie ;D
Anyway, I like this album a lot too. It has a lot of really fun bass riffs (especially in the first song, Is This It, there's an awesome bass riff) and the songs are pretty catchy. My one complaint is that some of them are pretty similar, The Strokes don't have a lot of variety in this particular album.
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Default Re: If you were trapped on an island.......


Imagine the heaviest neanderthal beats on earth
Add one solid slab of bass
One heavy fuzztone guitar
One escaped mental patient on vox
Turn over, and add the most insane saxophone piece ever recorded



Two words:

The End.


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