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Return of Tarja?
Old 23 Mar 2008, 03:09   #1 (permalink)
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Default Return of Tarja?

I'm not sure if this is old news or just slipped under everyones radar (or maybe people just don't care), but the lovely Tarja Turunen has a solo career.

I was browsing through the local music stores metal and picked up this CD labeled as Tarja - My Winter Storm. When I first picked it up, I did so simply because I saw the name and I shed a tear on the inside for my beloved Tarja. I looked at the cover and saw there a little sticker saying "From the former lead singer of Nightwish." Now I'm not going to say anything definite, but I may or may not have got teary eyed seeing that.

After listening to most of it (on the way home and now on my computer) it's pretty great. While It surly ain't Nightwish, it is Tarja's beautiful voice. The songs don't seem quite as heavy as Nightwish's, but - as you'd expect from a solo project - Tarja's voice is featured much more prominently. Here's a linky to one of her songs on YouTube.


-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: Return of Tarja?

yes it is old news, tarja is a good singer but her solo work isn't up to what she did with nightwish. i could post my own opinion but here is an excellent review from my boys over at metal-rules.com

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Old 27 Mar 2008, 17:07   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Return of Tarja?

Yeah - rather old news. I, and I think rafe did aswell, posted a topic a while ago.

Im two ways about traja - one side of me finds the songs totally adictive and I just find myself liknig them more and more. The other side of me ignore the vocals and looks at the instrumental portion of the work and finds it very hollow. This has to be my favourite.

However, it just doesn't stand up to Old nightwish favourites like 10th man down, she is my sin or the more modern stuff with annete such as poet and the pendulululum and escapist (give me the damn bye bye beautiful single NOW!).

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Old 30 Mar 2008, 21:37   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Return of Tarja?

I was never a big nightwish fan really. So honestly I cant really tell the difference from this and their older stuff.
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