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New Riffs...
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Default New Riffs...

Recentlly I have been poping out a few random riffs here and there, but I'm not sure how to get them, and whenever I try to make one it always sucks... And most of all, they are pretty much allways stangnant. I can't seem to do anything thats new... I can make it suprising or something but, never truely kickass...

How do you guys make new riffs? Any intresting ideas?
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Default Re: New Riffs...

The ultimate secret of rock n roll is that most bands are differentiated only by guitar tone and production method.

Take existing riffs and deconstruct them, then fiddle with guitar tone so it isn't just bog standard "chunka chunka chunka", you'll get something good eventually.
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Default Re: New Riffs...

I think the best way to find inspiration for guitar riffs, is playing song from a lot of different bands. Just learn to play a lot of different songs, different genres too, then you'll get some good ideas.
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Default Re: New Riffs...

Pssst. Wanna know the secret? Copy other people's riffs! :P

I made a riff from playing Smells Like teen Spirit backwards :shifty:
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