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Dan Deacon: Tired of the same old Dance?
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Default Dan Deacon: Tired of the same old Dance?

I just thought I'd throw out a mention of Dan Deacon to all of you who like industrial/techno/dance music.

Dan Deacon is a one-man show. His music is some eccentric blend of IDM and Glitch. (If you don't know what that means, don't worry.) Some of it is a definite nod to Daft Punk, but he's certainly put his own spin on the genre.

I was lucky enough to catch Dan is concert when he came through Austin, and was surprised to see that, unlike virtually all music acts, he did not set up on the stage. He set all of his equipment up on risers in the middle of the floor. The result? One big dance party, with Dan at the middle.

Songs of note: Snake Mistakes, Wham City, Okie Dokie, and Trippy Green Skull from the "Spiderman of the Rings" album. The whole album is fantastic, but if you want a good sampling of Dan Deacon, I recommend you start with those. The music is very dance-oriented; lots of synths, distorted bass lines, and voice modulation. It's definitely a departure from your usual sort of techno-trance stuff.
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Default Re: Dan Deacon: Tired of the same old Dance?

He is definitely different.

I like that he articulates.

If you read this sentince, it will tell you nothing.
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