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Foreign Songs
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lonely tau
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Default Foreign Songs


As I was listening to some Rammstein in the shower today, I was kinda' realizing that as awesome as it sounded, I couldn't understand what the hell they were saying! Now by no means do I believe this was a bad thing, but it was a kind of odd revelation and got me wondering, what do other people think of this?

Normally for a band, the vocals make or break it, so when I heard Rammstein all playing in their awesome and everything, it just sounded good, and I didn't have to worry to whatever they were saying.

So, the question is: What do you think of bands that speak in languages that you don't understand?

Note: This is not exactly how bands play, but your opinions on bands that you can't understand because it's in a different language. Vocals, not instrumentals, basically.
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Default Re: Foreign Songs

Well, they say that music is an universal language, so I guess I can dig any music from other countries. However, since I tend to listen to Japanese music and some world music (along with Queen, they rock my socks1), it counts for something.
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Default Re: Foreign Songs

Same here.
As a metalhead i listen to metal from all over the world, sweden, germany, japan, italy etc... most of it is sung in english to garner mass market appeal. although i do have quite a few songs (especialy for japanese bands) that are sung in thier native languages. alot of them i can or have translated and some i haven't, but they still sound awsome anyway.
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Default Re: Foreign Songs

Haha I have the Rammstein version of Barbie Girl somewhere..

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Foreign Songs

for me its not what they ARE saying its the way the words sound
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Default Re: Foreign Songs

I listen to quite a lot of music, no matter the language the vocals are in.
Be it French, German, African or whatever ^^

I am quite found of Rammstein, and the music gets even better when you know the language :3

If you want to hear some other "foreign" music, I'll recommend my favourite Folk-Rock band: Lumsk. (just google it for more info )

(one of my favourite songs of this band, called Trolltind. transl: "Pinnacle of the Trolls" a place not far from my home )

I'd also recommend this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHNPkHpce5o
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Old 20 Feb 2008, 03:41   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Foreign Songs

Techno sounds good in German.

I like the Numa Numa song.

That is the extent of my exposure.

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Default Re: Foreign Songs

I don't mind listening to songs in other languages if I think they sound cool. In fact some of my favorite songs are in other languages, 99 Luftballons for instance. I also have a CD from a band called HB that is entirely in Finnish. It remains one of my favorite CDs.
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Default Re: Foreign Songs

I listen to Rammstein, Korpiklaani and Gaakt. I really like some of the foreign stuff.

The reason I like it is because when you can't understand the words, the voice becomes just another instrument. It's hard to enjoy a song when the singer is singing crap in English, but singing crap in Japanese can sound brilliant!
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Default Re: Foreign Songs

Originally Posted by TopBanana
I also have a CD from a band called HB that is entirely in Finnish. It remains one of my favorite CDs.
I haven't heard of them, But understand finnish, so I'm not gonna say anything. Nope. And you propably shouldn't try to find out either.

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