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need guitar help
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Default need guitar help

just bought an ibanez electric and want to start to learn how to play lead.
any suggestions and recommendations on how to start and what songs are good beginner lead songs?

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Default Re: need guitar help

I have a suggestion.

Learn how to play 1 of the main 7 scales, they are all the same, just having a diffrent root note and being a diffrent mode of the major scale. I would suggest the major scale for that reason. Be able to play it very quickly.

Next, learn to play power chords with your index and pinky fingers as well as the normal ones. Be able to play a diad (2 note power chord) and hammer on the index and pinky sounding another a half-step above.

Most importantly, get a book on music theory and learn what all the various terms are. It would probably be best to be able to play any examples they give you in said book also.

As for songs and riffs, the first things I learned where In A Gadda Da Vidda, I wanna rock, back in black and such. They are fairly simple and contain leadlike lines here and there. I would say just learn your favorite songs and play around with some riffs.

The best thing you can do for the future would be to pickup the music book : and to learn songs by ear, I personally can not actually learn my kind've music by ear but classic rock songs and such are fairly easy and if you mess up you have a new riff or lick.

Also, Alternate pick EVERYTHING.
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