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Gorillaz: Demon Days [Half an Album Review]
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Default Gorillaz: Demon Days [Half an Album Review]

This is my first time on this board, so I decided I'd make a music review of my favourite band, the Gorillaz! I have only done half, I will do more if i get a good response.

Demon Days is the Gorillaz' second main album (they also had a B-sides album, and a G-sides album, which was released only in Japan). It trys to tell a story, taking you through the Gorillaz' view of the world we know. Here we go then.

Song 1: Intro

Intros in albums seem to be becoming altogether more popular, especially in the world of dance. The Demon Days intro is odd and slightly unsettling, comprising of voodoo percussion, sirens, keyboards and bassoons. The erratic music soom climaxes with a sample taken from George Romero's 'Dawn of the dead', booming over the music, foreboding dark times.
The Intro sounds a little robotic, emphasising the human influence on rules and barriers, stopping creativity and free thought.

Song 2: Last Living Souls

In the rat-race of life, it's not hard to imagine you are the only real person left. A Mario-esque intro leads into a solid bass line, all surrounded by creepy sounds and rhythmic undercurrents. the lyrics are very evocative, but the tune lapses slightly towards the end. A looping violin gives the piece quite a Gothic, European feel, which offsets the very Techno intro.

Song 3: Kids with Guns

A steady beat leads into this track, keeping with the unsettling lyrics. The beat stays strong as the singing waxes and wanes, supported by singer Neheh Cherry. It grows into a climax and the end of each chorus, before suddenly dropping again, creating a flowing, well organised piece.

Song 4: O Green World

Cool guitar and backing vocals make this a great anthems, and the old-radio sound lyrics really convey and dirty, rustic feel. Recorded, the song loses some of its touch, which weakens it, losing its loud, desparate feel. The song ends with an ominous bell ringing, over and over.

Song 5: Dirty Harry

Primitive electro forms the excellent main line to this piece, accompanied by good lyrics and a fun drum beat. Bootie Brown provides rap vocals at the centre, perfectly breaking the tune into managable pieces.

Song 6: Feel Good Inc.

A scary laugh followed by a brilliant bass line open up the song, swiftly joined by drum and vocals. The vocals, especially in the chorus, are very catchy. The piece has strange noises in the background, slightly squeaky and rusting. Halfway through De La Soul open up their can of rap, and smear it all over the pieces, their lyrics mocking the sad, heartfelt feel of the rest of the track. The piece closes with the chorus, and manic laughter.

Song 7: El Manana

A very sad, tranquil song, with soft, glittering synth in it, it hints that all is not well, and things may not be getting better. The song never really picks up the pace, and whilst it is very atmospheric and sad, it lacks any really catchy phrases that set it in your mind.

Real men read The Strange Gazzet! (PM me for more information)

Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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