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Rhapsody (of Fire)
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Default Rhapsody (of Fire)

During my holiday in France I was browsing around a large electronics shop called Fnac and I happened upon The Dawn of Victory album by Rhapsody. Being the metal adoring long haired wierdo that I am I emmediately bought the CD, my reasoning being that any album with a name as awesome as The Dawn of Victory can't possibly be bad especially if made by a band managed by none other than Joey DeMiao.

As soon I had listened to the first two songs (which work best when played together) I was like "How can a band possibly be this awesome???" The entire DoV album is incredible, powerful vocals, beautiful guitar work and epic choruses.

After another visit to Fnac I came out with another Rhapsody album Power of the Dragonflame. It's even better than DoV. I was at first wary of some of the more gruff vocals but now I love them and the beauty of songs like Lamento Eroico cannot be denied.

There is of course one problem with Rhapsody. Cheese. Don't get me wrong I like cheese, I love Manowar, Hammerfall and 3 Inches of Blood and they are full of the stuff but christ these guys must surely take the crown. Songs like Village of Dwarfs and The Last Winged Unicorn really don't help to portray a serious band and having your first four albums as all part of "The Emerald Sword Saga" about the Warrior of Ice and the darklord Akron really doesn't help either.

Having said that I really don't care, Rhapsody of Fire are a truly epic band that should be in the collection of every lover of power/symphonic metal.
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Default Re: Rhapsody (of Fire)

I wholeheartedly agree... I bought "Dawn of Victory" just the day it was released... I LOVE that album. Try to get your hands on "Symphonies of the enchanted lands" and "Legendary Tales". Those are IMO even better.

And while you are at it, check out Luca Turilli´s solo-album "King of the Nordic Twilight"- simply awesome...
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