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What sort of strings would you use for a Diffrent tuning?
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Default What sort of strings would you use for a Diffrent tuning?

I was thinking and I've never heard any body who uses a tuning higher then the standerd, they have lower tunings such as hummer fall and motley crue but no one goes over. So I tuned my guitar up to a GCFA#DG tuning and it sounded great, however the strings were very tight and thus the playability wasn't quite there. So I asked my instructer and he had no idea. So I'm asking you, the musicans of TO what should I do?

I know that thicker strings are used for lower tunings (bass strings are an example) but going thicker dosn't seem right, and going thiner seems like they would snap easyer but seems the right way to go. And what would be a good gauge? If I go really thin the sound will start to thin (I think, I don't know any one who uses any sort of thin strings :/ ) so how could I counter act that?
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Default Re: What sort of strings would you use for a Diffrent tuning?

I'm pretty sure you can use standard strings for any tuning (to a degree), I know Sonic Youth uses a lot of ridiculous tunings though I doubt you could get into contact with a band that prestigious :-\. There could be strings sold especially for the purpose of playing higher or lower.

But I wouldn't recommend playing all of your songs on a higher tuning, as the strings are designed to be played where they are meant and slightly above and below. I also really don't see why you would want your strings tuned really high for very much time anyway; standard tuning is great.

Theres my two cents as a self taught guitarist. Hope it helps.

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Default Re: What sort of strings would you use for a Diffrent tuning?

I second that.

With all that tension, you're much more likely to pop a string.

If you were going to do this, I'd reccomend using a light gauge string. Buy a set and a spare high E string. Toss the low E, and use the A for the low E string.

All this said, I'm much more a fan of standard tuning more than anything. I don't mind downtuning and drop-D tunings if the songs are good, but most people are so impressed with the extra low end that they forget about this.
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