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Post your Drum kit
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Default Post your Drum kit

Right okey then fellow wargaming drummers.

I have decided to start a topic displaying your drum kits along with comments on their performance etc
This may aid potential drummers in decisions that are otherwise very hard. E.G. what cymbals and size
Please include pics and address' :P

So with out further ado here is my Ludwig Accent CS combo kit (rock size) with sonor solar 20 ride, 16 crash and 14 hi hat. I play with single bass but shall be upgrading to a double pedal in the near future.

I have a lot of positive things about this kit
-It is a nice good value for money kit
-It is quite easy to get used to playing and therefore makes for a good starter kit
-The cymbals are very good for aggressive strokes as they recover fast from their weight and have a nice crisp sound.
-Skins are very robust

-Heavy, partly because of material and partly because of the hardware
-The skins are relatively challenging for a beginner to tune

I play using ahead 7a sticks and they are pure and simply brilliant. The rebound dampening system makes for less RSI injuries and they are well balanced, having metal cores in the bottom.

I also use QT practise pads to dampen when my parents are in, when they go out all hell goes off in my house > They are very good value for money and are brill and dampening the sound
This is my dream kit :P

My kit at the moment
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