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My uncle came and...and...He gave me some cd's and.... Pirate metal!
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Default My uncle came and...and...He gave me some cd's and.... Pirate metal!

Well, with the recent love of pirate meta :rockon:l on the fourms (thanks to... I forgot them accually...) and me learning of some other pirate metal, who I havn't heard of on the fourms I thought I'd show you. (reading their history page they might be construed as the first power metal...)

:rockon:Running Wild! :rockon:


Here are some videos:





Just wanted to convey this quickly, I'm just so excited at hearing this. And the Albums my unlce gave me, Under Jolley Roger and Branded and Exiled are very good.
Originally Posted by Savon Saal
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Default Re: My uncle came and...and...He gave me some cd's and.... Pirate metal!

Wow. That is the best music I have heard in ages. Seriously.
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