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I fianlly started lessons...
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Default I fianlly started lessons...

I fiannly started guitar lessons, just 5 weeks before going to bording school and after 1 year of playing in a band and stuff.

I found that every song I played had for at least a 5th of the notes, (normally WAY more) being something on the E string muted and I wanted to learn more stuff and an Instructor is the best way.

SO I go and wow, I can't do anything it seems... I knew I had no beat but without a steady drumbeat it was horribly off... And then I ended up playing Enter Sandman with just my pinky fretting stuff and all this weird stuff that I never noticed that slowed my playing down big time. But I'm learning how to do a spider riff and various scales modes and keys witch I've never really had a hold of... SO it's going great!

Also, my teacher had a pic with Randy Rhodes from when he was young, I mean Young like when he was 14-15 and they had lessons together. He also had a Pic with Dave Mustane from a long time ago. I was like wow, and he had some great riffs and stuff he made up. I was like wow, this is an awesome Teacher...

But ya, I fiannly started lessons!
No more trying to figure out witch of all 50million versions of the pentatonic monor is the real one and other things. (I know that it moves along the fret board but in terms of 2-3 fretts inbetween this or that kinda thing)
Originally Posted by Savon Saal
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Default Re: I fianlly started lessons...

I Good for you, I should probably pick up lessons sometime, it's always nice to have an objective evaluation of your playing...

BTW, all pentatonic minor scales are probably real, it just differs depending on what key it's in...
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How can you be sure what you know is the truth if you haven't taken the time to ask yourself the questions that dispute it?

how can you be sure what you know is the truth if you haven't taken the time to ask yourself the questions that dispute it?

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Default Re: I fianlly started lessons...

I wish there was someone who could teach me to play. My brother helps me, but I need to look up tabs on the internet and try them on my own. Theres no real music place for about 80 miles around me...
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