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Default Fantasia

Yeah, I know, it's a Disney movie, but there are some very cool bits in there between the mickey mouse and the hippo ballerinas. In fact, It's probably the most Important movie in my life, since my interest in music(and Dinosaurs, and demonic things) pretty much began with that movie.

Has anyone else seen it and been affected by it as much as I have?
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Default Re: Fantasia

The coolest thing was the dance of those mushrooms, in my opinion.
You can't go wrong with dancing mushrooms, right?

I can honestly say I liked the film, but not as much as to hum the songs on the bus or anything

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Default Re: Fantasia

It was probably my favorite disney movie as a kid and I still go back and watch it now and again. I'm not a huge classical music fan but it's all great stuff and leave it to a bunch of great animators to enhance it.

It really had and still has a large impact on my life, though i remember being horrified of the demon at the end when i was 4 years old.

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Default Re: Fantasia

ZOMFG!!!!!!! FANTASIA IS TEH ROXXORZ!!!!!!11!!!!!1one!

oh my god, the memories were so good that i spilled into 733+.....*washes mouth out with gasoline*

I thought I was like the only one in the world who had seen Fantasia!

the Sorcerer's Apprentice is the best song ever! Not a moment goes by that it isnt stuck in my head! All those walking Brooms..... Simply Amazing! ;D
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