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Fighting the World
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Default Fighting the World

A question for all the Manowar fans out there and this is TO so there should be a bloody lot of you :P

I recently came into a nice amount of money and have descided to finish my Manowar studio album collection which basically means buying Into Glory Ride and Fighting the World but after reading several online reviews of the latter I'm almost having second thoughts. Apparently FtW is Manowars sell out release and is more akin to power-pop than true metal which to be honest sounds rather wrong to me considering that its Manowar we're talking about. So are the reviews right? Is this Manowars lame sell out album? or is it just as worthy as all their others?

Note: I am however not all that trusting of online reviews because these same people told me that Warriors of the World was a bad album so they clearly have no taste.
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Default Re: Fighting the World


Doesn't seem to be too widely hated.

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Default Re: Fighting the World

Don't own it myself, but I know a lot of the tracks... let's see:

Fighting the World, Blow Your Speakers, Carry On, Holy War and Black Wind, Fire and Steel.

I know five of the nine tracks on the album, and they're all decent... Blow Your Speakers really hurts your brain at times, since it's possibly too cheesy for Manowar, but the rest are all damn good.
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