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Just a few things I felt like sharing...
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Default Just a few things I felt like sharing...


Joy Division, despite their popularity with professional ****tards like AFI and Fallout boy(who pretty much Shtlk all over frontman Ian Curtis' grave with their horrific cover), are one of the most original bands of all time. Formed at a Sex Pistols concert and combining the frenetic energy of punk with the machine like precision of Krautrock, they created a unique sound which would be copied by hundreds of bands throughout the 80's.

Most people will look at their most popular song, "Love Will Tear Us Apart"(the one covered by Fallout Boy) and write them off as self pitying emos. However, these people are (for lack of a better term) retarded.

Watch this clip, and tell me they are emo.



The Damned are an oft overlooked contributor to the original punk explosion of the mid seventies, partly because of their campy aesthetic and partly due to vicious slander by more popular contemporaries. They were the first London Punk band to put out a single and record an album, and were an influence on The Misfits, whose song "London Dungeon" is in part a musical homage to The Damned. Bob Marley also mentions the band in his song "Punky Reggae Party".

And here it is, Neat Neat Neat!


This next one is a video by the cramps, I've already done a whole article on them, so I won't say any more.


Your thoughts?
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