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Finnish band to make film! Awsome!
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Default Finnish band to make film! Awsome!

Thats right folks, your favourite monstars of rock, Lordi, are to make a horror film featuring themselves. A visual Arockalypse, if you will.

A horror film by 2006 Eurovision Song Contest winners Lordi has received 300,000 euros (200,000) funding from the Finnish government, reports say.

Dark Floors, which will feature the rock band's four members, is being shot in Finland at a cost of 4.2m euros (2.84m), according to Screen Daily.

The film, which features a largely Finnish cast, will premiere in the country on 8 February.

Lordi recently introduced the film at the Cannes Film Festival.

Personally, I think it will be great, and will have to buy/watch it. Looks like they are Bringing back the balls to film (ok, no more puns, I swear)


P.S. Mods, this might be better suited to the Enclave, wasn't sure.
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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Default Re: Finnish band to make film! Awsome!

I think it will be really funny! :P
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Default Re: Finnish band to make film! Awsome!

They kinda suck singing, PS Gwar is better.
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Default Re: Finnish band to make film! Awsome!

Now this, I gotta see
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