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Your Favourites (links here)
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Default Your Favourites (links here)

Favourite vocalists, drummers, keyboards and bass...
Your Favourite Guitarist
Your 5 favorite lyrics
Songs you're obsessed with/favourite song
What the races of 40k listen to
Your top 10 favourite songs
Your favourite band, song and album
Your favourite genre
Good music to listen to while gaming.
Your theme song
Of course I don't listen to them! - Bands you'd be embarrassed to say you listen to.
Your favourite bands? - Come and share your listening library.
Best theme tune - From a movie, TV show, game or whatever, and can include any "theme" therein (eg: FF can have Cid's Theme, FF7 Opening Theme, FFIX Ending Theme, etc).
How many of us are songwriters? - Come and share your own creativity with us.
The band game
Army theme songs
What do you listen to/watch while painting?

Please note that posting in these theads is not considered thread necromancy. They're kind of always relevant...if you post more than "I agree" etc.
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