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Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?
Closed Thread
Old 26 Mar 2006, 03:21   #1 (permalink)
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Default Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

The title speaks for itself.

Come on guys, you can't seriously tell me that all Nu-Metal sucks.
Originally Posted by Crazedmongoose
Also Hive Tyrant Horror has one of the best ideas around in my opinion. ;D
Originally Posted by The All-father
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Default Re: Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

Oh dear... this is a real good way to get Wargamer going...

Honestly, I barely listen to music from the 90's to now, let alone Nu-metal. So I can't really comment as I don't even listen to it. Heck, I don't even know what bands are classed as "Nu-metal".
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Default Re: Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

Linkin Park, System of a Down, and (I think) Korn are Nu Metal bands. I personally like some nu metal, and don't hate it. I just think there are some other genres that have better quality music.

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Originally Posted by Rev_Enge(spc)
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Default Re: Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

9/10 Nu-Metal bands have little to truly offer that the other 9 cannot. The remaining one doesn't get picked up.

Why do I hate it? Quite simply, I don't really, but I dislike it's scene and related scenes because announcing yourself to be some sort of non-conformist means you ironically begin conforming to non conformity. To really not conform, you need to do precisely feck all. Genuine people with depression clam up and don't write poems.

Plus, Nu-Metal and Emo are pretty much sisters. They're both lyrically very dull, and very few bands have genuine talent or originality.

I will admit, I once listened to some nu-metal, but then I grew up and realised it was all pretty much the same and that even thinking the genre of music matters is a waste of time. Now, I think bands like Linkin Park would be good if you gave them better lyrics and stopped that shouting guy who can't sing.
True metal, naturally, has you do all that by default because you can't hear most of the bleedin' lyrics!

Take a gander at that. Got a lot of stuff there. Movie soundtracks... Rammstein... Franz Ferdinand... Nightwish... Dragonforce... Scissor Sisters?!

Couple of bands listed on that could be classed as new metal I think. I'm thinking the rasmus and evanescence, though I think they themselves call themselves alternative rock. Which at least dares not claim to be metal and infuriate metalheads, and to people like me, doesn't matter. If it sounds good to me, bingo.

It's believing the lyrics I hate. If you genuinely ignore the lyrics, and don't think they speak to you, or begin to think the lyrics fit certain scenes of games and movies that were not tailor-made for each other... Then you may listen to what you want. You don't need to follow a scene. You can do whatever you like. Which means that if you don't even care about denying or promoting conformity and just listen to music, you get the best of all worlds.

So I can't tell you it all sucks, just approximately 90% in total/98.9% of published material.
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Default Re: Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

like bauer said, Nu-metal is just a loud version of emo. depressing, angry and anyone who enjoys it should be kept away from sharp and pointy objects. id rather take good old fashion cheese metal.(and just to throw promethium on the flames, man-o-war is the king of cheese metal)
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Default Re: Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

it might have something to do with the "anarchy man!tear down the system ,even though my dad is a millionare tear it down! lets go skate,we are dead hard!"type that typifies nu-metal.

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Default Re: Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

System ain't nu-metal.

Linkin Park are. KoRn are (but they make up for it in other ways). Slipknot are.


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Default Re: Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

Originally Posted by Hatman
System ain't nu-metal.

Linkin Park are. KoRn are (but they make up for it in other ways). Slipknot are.

how can you says system isn't, its the same bloody thing as the other 3
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Default Re: Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

SoaD are in a world of there own. I like them, just not most of them.

The problem with nu-metal is that it is not a genre to itself - it merely takes the tamer elements from other genres, and then ruins it. Emo is worse - the proliferation of scence kids in my home city is horrible - my own sister is one! The true sounds will speak to you, make you think in ways you have not thought, and make you drive at 90 mph through a 20 limit.

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Originally Posted by Tim.
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Default Re: Why Must You Hate Nu-Metal?

To understand why Nu-Metal is such so appauling, you have to understand what Metal is.

Specifically, you have to understand what True Metal is.

Whilst in the strictest sense, only bands such as Manowar, Three Inches of Blood and the like are "True" Metal, I doubt the Kings of Metal would begrudge me flexing the definition as I am about to.

True Metal is any Metal that personifies the ideals of Metal; strength, power, brotherhood, comradery, victroy, triumphing against the odds and defiance against False Metal.

Manowar is the True Metal band. They wear leather, carry swords, and their songs are about fighting, killing, drinking, motorbikes, and fighting-and-killing-and-drinking whilst riding motorbikes. When they aren't diving headlong into Viking mythology, or other Fantasy-Metal styles, their songs emphasise their refusal to turn down, to conform, to become "commercial", and they have stuck to that. Let us take, for example, their "Louder Than Hell" CD. It lists many complaints made against the band... "why make two Live CDs in a row?" "You shouldn't do this." "People won't like it." To this, the band replies F--- YOU!, and does it anyway.

Then we have bands like Iron Maiden. Whilst they do have many songs that fringe on Fantasy-Metal, such as Ghost of The Navigator, they are more of a vanilla-Metal band. Yet even they are most definately Metal, as they have been quoted sporting the battle-cry "death to False Metal!"

So what makes Nu-Metal so bad? Well, let's break it down as best we can:

Instrumental Solos:
These are vital to Metal. Many Metal bands, such as Manowar and Hammerfall, include Instrumental tracks, and all Metal songs include instrumental solos, sometimes several minutes in length, though as a good rule of thumb the listener should be able to sing the previous verse, plus the chorus, comfortably within the space of the solo.

This is a feature lacking in Nu Metal.

Metal lyrics vary wildly depending on the band. Concepts of fighting, drinking and death are common, but they are portrayed stylishly. To show how, compare "Last Resort", a song about committing suicide, to Manowar's "Swords in The Wind", "Warriors of The World" or "The Crown and The Ring". All three songs make mention of the song's "character" dying, yet it is done very differently. Where the Nu-Metal filth winge and whine at us about how much he wants to suffocate himself, Manowar speak of glory, of dying with honour and pride, and living on forever in Valhalla. A Viking's death.

Nu Metal also favours real-world problems. Again, Metal also does this, but better. As an example, let us turn to Iron Maiden. "Run to The Hills", "The Trooper" and "Paschendale" are all based on real events, though they choose to dedicate songs to the past, and honour the fallen, rather than winge about how their girlfriends left them and Mom said they have to move out of the basement.

Lyrical delivery:
Nu-Metal lyrics tend to fall into two categories of deliverence; they are either "rap" lyrics, or they are screamed into the mic by some no-talent loser.

Metal usually uses clear, easy-to-hear lyrics. Even bands such as 3-Inches deliver clear lyrics whilst using a "shriek" style. Dragonforce manages to keep their lyrics coherant despite the super-sonic rate of play, which is no mean feat!

Metal and Nu-Metal have one common theme; the concept of fighting "the man".

The problem is that Nu-Metal bands are singing out of their arses. During one Manowar gig, the police arrived and said that they were too loud, and if they didn't turn down, they would be arrested. The result? Manowar did not turn down. If anything, they played louder!

If KoRn had the police complaining about the noise, they'd turn down faster than you can say "KoRn suck".

Nu-Metal is, in essence, a sell-out genre. They have debased and bastardised Metal in order to appeal to the masses, whilst still having the audacity to claim they hold true to the beliefs of Metal. To compare to religion, Metal-heads are people who go to church every sunday, observe Lent, and remember Christmas for what it is. Nu-Metal posers give lip-service when needed, and see Christmas and Easter as a time to spend, not give.

Perhaps that will enlighten. If you have not instantly raised your arms to the heavens, and cried "Odin! Forgive my foolishness! Embrace me as your son, and give me directions to the nearest arms-merchant!", I would suggest you contact me on MSN immediately, whereupon I shall expose you to the awesome might of True Metal. Wooden Pints is possibly one of the greatest Folk Metal songs of all-time, and as Elf Boy shall confirm, it indoctrinates the soul without mercy.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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