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TauOnline World 2 [Story]
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
OOC: Jonga, as per here (http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...tml#msg1351901) you were already in control of Jaeson. :-\
If you say so. Then My 3rd and 4th armies are just gathering there.
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
Many Bothans died to bring this thread back on topic
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

"Sir, we have a report for you." A Attendant stood respectfully.
"Yes?" Morrison asked.
"The discussions go well with Father Ishmar. Andrews seems pleased."
"Good. Tell Morrison to continue with the discussions, and that any fair trade is to be accepted. We need an Ally in the west."
"Understood. Engineer Smith also sends word of the road production scheme. Work has started, and he will be linking major Hives to supply points first."
"Good, tell him to proceed with all Haste."
"Yessir! Also, it appears that there is some conflict in the the east. The Protectorate seems to be battling both the Aegengrads and the Arkadians, as you know, but it seems to have escalated."
"Hm.. maybe we could gain something from this war. Call Newton, I wish to have a private meeting."


As Morrison and Newton came out of their private meeting room, an Attendant was singled out.

"You, send word To Andrews. I want to know if the Tyrannis Hive has any fingers in the east. We don't want to step on any toes, particularly those of our Friends. Also, bring The General to me. We have plans to make."


"General, as per our plans, we require the outlying settlements around our Faction. Any Hive with any sort of significant production output is to be approached, and requested to join our Faction, as per guidelines. Polite Refusal means we will leave them with a diplomat, at least for a couple of weeks, but any violent actions, and the Hive is yours to take. I suggest trying to keep the population on side, we need them. We need certain Supply Hives at regular intervals, and the further out Hives are to become improved on, and defences erected."


The Achi/Matar 1st Army is preparing at the west end of Achi/Matar Combine, and is looking to move west to east, requesting that any faction that wants to join, does so. Any polite refusals results in the Army moving on, and a Diplomat staying to try and convince them. Violent Action results in hostile action, although any considerations for the population is to be considered. Hives are to be reinforced if possible, and any Factories kept intact and working. Eastern Shipyards at 100% peace time output. Army Groups are being trained, as will be put up soon.
In addition, Achi/Matar are constructing a road network. Placement will be put up soon. Basically localised Wasteland structure, so, between two hives, moving faster than from other hives.

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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

Nathaniel Grimm could hear the dull thud if impacts against Dustayr's void shields almost five miles away. The Onyx Vulture Gladii he had brought with him were really giving it their all. Looking out from the rear of his 94/M he could actually see the smoke and steam rising from superheated turbolaser barrels. They weren't even bothering to swap barrels at this point, merely flooding the system with more coolant from tenders in the rear echelon.

While he couldn't see the few Hearthborne-B's overhead, he could see the effects their ordnance was having. Every so often there would be a staccato rippling effect across the top of the hive's voids, followed by a distinctive red-orange implosion. Pound for pound, melta-charges were the most devastating ordnance they had on hand, and they were making the most of that.

He also knew that there were several combat engineer teams deployed within short distance of the hive's groundwall/void interface. As soon as they breached the wall the engineers would fly through and begin disruption operations, taking down anything that might hinder them establishing a beachhead. There wouldn't be any permanent damage, or it would be minimal, as they would need to enable the systems again to defend the hive from counter-attack.

Grimm was studying a comprehensive city plan of the hive, almost three hours later, when it happened. They had a minor breach half an hour ago, enough to insert three of four engineer units. Now there was a low pitched groan, a deep rumble that seemed to shake the bedrock of the planet. The Onyx Vulture Gladii disabled the limiters on their turbolasers.

Massive beams of coherent light slammed into a single point, or as near to a single point as they could manage. The force was titanic, the void shield lighting up with disruption static, and seeming to bow inwards for a moment. For a split second the shield pushed outwards again, before being met by a turbolaser barrage fired far too rapidly to be safe.

The shields of the hive collapsed with a brobdingnagian thunderclap, almost deafening Grimm, even at this distance. The Lord Corvines at the front wasted no time in ferrying troops across. The 94's nearby lifted almost immediately, carrying whatever tanks or troops they had embarked at the time. Transport Hearthbornes began to descend on the forward airstrip even as the Onyx Vultures began trundling towards it.

Grimm's own 94/M was already lifting off as well, the pilot closing the cargo ramp. In less than an hour all the forward elements would have deployed into Dustayr itself. The secondary elements would then be ferried across, or airdropped in directly if needed. The voids would have to stay down for at least two additional hours to vent off the excess energy put inot their generators by the bombardment.

Due to that bombardment, several of the Onyx Vultures would need new turbolaser barrels, and a few also needed replacement capacitors and targeting systems. Two vehicles would have to be left in the field for now, their powerplants destroyed by the output required for continuous fire.


Jeriko Carson noted the terms of the alliance with the Chosen of Dor with interest. The Dor had greater industrial capacity than the Arkadians, but lacked the infrastructure to go with it. The Arkadians were the opposite, solid infrastructure, developing industry. The Alliance was a mutual pact, and was very beneficial to both parties.

The Chosen of Dor would gain access to certain Arkadian plans, and a long range infrastructure development program, while the Arkadians would gain the use of surplus industry time, allowing them to outsource many non-critical operations.

OOC: The Chosen of Dor and the Arkadian Mercenary Khanate are now allied.
Originally Posted by CmdrBonesaw
"Drop the shovel, and stand back from the keyboard!"

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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

Leaning against a soot-covered wall, Captain Usteld puffed absentmindedly on his pipe. Glowing embers lit his pitted face ever so slightly in the darkness of the Hyerine underhive. Supplies of all sorts were running low, all save his precious tobacco, it seemed. He wheezed.

"I hear that stuff'll kill you, sir--"

The Captain forced himself to look at his assistant, if only to groggily interrupt him. "Shaddup."

"Shutting up, sir."

Extinguishing his pipe, he donned his helmet. A wealth of information was now at his fingertips--more or less. The underhive, being almost entirely composed of exotic materials, played havoc with his uplink. With how bad it'd been lately, though, he was beginning to suspect it was the Sororitas' doing, though he wasn't sure they were sophisticated enough to consider active vox jamming as a tactic. "Broadsword One; this is Broadsword. What's your status? Over." he mumbled into his vox.

"Nothing new, Broadsword. Fuel's just--aw **** me!"

"Broadsword One, what is your status? Over."

There was a dull thud, and the cavernous space was suddenly lit like day as a great fireball rose up from what had been a fuel depot. "Broadsword Two this is Broadsword; What the **** is going on down there?"

"We don't know, sir--Broadsword One--the whole damn thing just exploded!" the response was punctuated by--gunfire?

There's an entire army group between here and the Sororitas. How'd they get down here? the Captain thought.

"Broadsword, we're in heavy contact with--well **** if I know what it is! An individual. But there must be more of them shooting from somewhere. Holy shi--" the line was filled with static.

"Broadsword this is Broadsword Two; One is down. Say again; One is down."

"Broadsword Two this is Broadsword; Get your asses out of there!" the Captain barked. "Broadsword Four, this is Broadsword; One is gone, support Two and Three!" No response. "Say again, Broadsword Four; this is Broadsword. One is gone, support retreating formations! How copy? Over." He felt a massive hand settle on his head.

"That's enough from you, you little shit," a voice like thunder rumbled from behind him. Had he been given time to think, he may have wondered something so large had snuck up on him. But alas, for he was but briefly offered a fleeting glimpse of Brother Pancratius' massive, dark blue-armoured form before a bolt pistol that must have fired shells the size of his fist was unceremoniously pressed against his faceplate. Then his world went white.


Note to self, Brother Pancratius' thought as the smouldering remains of Captain Usteld's brains dribbled off his power armour, Do not execute non-Astartes prisoners with an Astartes bolt pistol.

"Pious Leader, this is Pious One," he sent to his squad leader, rolling his eyes at the codename as he did so, "The objective is secure. I am returning to the rally point. Pious One, out."
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