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TauOnline World 2 [Story]
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

"Mr. Zenni, the Arkadians have executed our diplomats. It seems that they rather not have peace with us."
"Oh really, Alice? Well, that's unfortunate but a necessary litmus test. I would really love to stay out of the fighting but we must do what is necessary. Give new orders to our diplomats; offer a full Military and Economic Alliance to the Guild Mechina and Morphican Cluster with all the usual conditions."
"Very good, Mr. Zenni. One more issue; the Chosen of Dor would like the Non-Aggression Treaty to be mutually applied. How shall we respond?"
"All good. If they don't step on my toes, I won't step on theirs"

OOC: A full Military and Economic Alliance is offered to both Guild Mechina and Morphican Cluster. NPA Treaty is mutually agreed upon between Adil Hive Corporation and Chosen of Dor. Adil Hive Corporation decides to cease all diplomatic and trade channels with Arkadian Mercenary Khanate. Treaties with the rest of the factions is put on hold until further notice.
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

"Sir, we have two Diplomats waiting for you. For a couple of days now."

Morrison swore. That was the problem with leaders taking days off with families. It was even worse when both leaders went off together. He looked at Newton, and nodded. Standard procedure when too many problems were coming too fast. Since both trusted each other, it allowed the Combine to easily handle problems like these. In this case, Morrison would take one Diplomat, and Newton take the other.


"So, the Adil Hive Corporation wants me to sign this? Well, I've got a question for you. Why? What do you want? Or, more importantly, what do you have, that could make me want to sign this? I have nothing against you, or your bosses, but at the moment, I see no reason to sign! Even if I signed, what higher power does your leader think will keep me to it? Until you can tell my why I should, and only then if I agree with them, I shall not sign." Rang the words of Newton, before dismissing the embassy. With one problem down, there was only one left.

OOC: Offer turned down, unless you provide a reason why the Combine should.


"Terribly sorry for keeping you waiting this long. So, you would like to enter into peace talks? Yes, I suppose that can be arranged. Of course, I should warn you now, my Colleagues won't like the concept of an alliance, simply because you are stuck within three major players for that region, and we don't want to bogged down in a petty war. On the other hand, mutually beneficial trading or similar could be accepted. So, return to your leader. Tell them that we are happy to enter into further discussions. Other than that, we cannot promise anything. I'm sure you understand."

OOC: Willing to enter into further peace/trade talks. Haven't promised anything. Tactfully avoided mentioning official recognition.


Once the external matters had been taken care of, The Combine's Leaders looked to the running of their faction. Due to military mobilisations in the near and far east, the eastern Shipyards were sent new schedules to attain. On the other hand, the western shipyard quota were reduced, allowing for the fact that the western factions were in fact looking for peaceful alternatives. The Military, however, were left at a peacetime status, with orders to "be vigilant", as were the Air Force. Interestingly enough, however, was the fact that some additional funds were siphoned into certain research fund, under the heading of Aircraft Designs.

OOC:Eastern shipyards are at 90% of maximum peacetime output (that is if I can do that), while westerns are at 60%. Otherwise, all fluff. Aircraft designs are just fluff so that later when I come up with some designs, I have a reason to.

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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

A small light flickered on the central data screen before his desk. With the press of a button, the screen opened.

"General Marks, do you have anything to report?"

"Yes lord Castellan, the Arkadian Cluster has begun to make it's move. My forward scouts report elements of the Arkadian 5th moving out from Defiance Hive, we believe their target to be Dustayr."

Sykes was immediately active and aware. "What is our strength in Dustayr currently general?"

"My Lord, I have had the 2nd Core, some 140,000 men, deployed in Dustayr for some weeks now, I have ordered them to dig in and prepare for an assault."

"Good, good, what reserve will they have?"

"My lord, I have put the 1st Core on standby and request that the 1st Reserve Army be mobilised to reinforce me."

"It shall be done general. How goes the re-armament?"

"Excellantly sire, I am happy to report that all troops of the 1st Army have been re-equipped with the new weaponry and armour, it will even the stakes between our forces and the Arkadians for certain."

"Perfect General, return to your post." General Marks saluted, then signed off, his screen going blank.

The Protectorate Forces around Dustayr have dug in in preparation for an assault


Almost immediately afterwards the light on the far left began to flicker. Another push of a button and Commissar Jugen appeared.

"My lord Castellan, I am here to report that the shipments have arrived and have their goods have been relayed to the frontline forces."

"I am aware Jugen, Marks has just produced his report. The Frontline troops are as prepared as we can make them." Jugen nodded in agreement.

"is there anything else Jugen?"

"About the payment my lord? I believe it is quite high" the commissar said. Sykes face grimaced and he sat back in his chair.

"Pay it Jugen, we cannot afford to alienate such a powerful ally. Their support is necessary and very useful to us." Jugen's face fell slightly.

"As you wish my lord, the Emperor's will be done." Jugens screen flashed and went blank.

The process of supplying all Protectorate Front Line troops with Heavy bolters and caraspace armour has begun. It is estimated to take a period of 3 months to fully supply all Military personnel. In the meantime, the protectorate has paid the first in a series of monthly payments to it's supplier.

Originally Posted by Fish Ead
Many Bothans died to bring this thread back on topic
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

The diplomat walked into large workroom where the leader of the Valdari Hive Cluser stood. "I have come for an offer of piece and..." started the diplomat. "We do not want any piece here as we want all clusters under our control. Alas I have told you this much I now have to kill you." Lord Maximus pulled a modified laspistol from under his desk and squeezed the trigger. The mess of the body was not pretty and blood had splashd all over the walls. "Clean my room would you as I have to start planning our defences.
The walls of all hives started to grow and become fortified, guns started to stock the armouries and the military was trainded into a large well oiled machine. "Brother our planes are coming on well we have enough not to launch recon flights into the other side of the continent. Send out 3 squads of Azure B-71's to scout out the other hives. If they get shot down start up the others and get ready for a war." Brother Charles siad to his apprentice.
The roar of the jets drowned out the sound of the wind and blare of the klaxons as the plase launced over the sea to scout out other hives.

Planes fly over these hives to get data on defences and armies. Aegengrad Hive Cluster, Adil Hive Corporation
and Morphican Cluster.
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

Men and women sprinted for their aircraft even as others thundered down the airstrip. Promethium fuel lines snaked over the ground in a bizarre tapestry. Only once the aircraft were in the air was there time to understand the situation fully.

"Squadron leader calling all flyers, S-Com to all flyers. Confirm?"

One by one the pilots sounded off.

"Unknown flyers have been detected approaching our airspace. Our objective is to intercept over the ocean and escort them out of Aegengrad airspace."

"Three-Delta to Section Leader, RoE sir?"

"Weapons hold. S-Com will transmit an order to vacate our airspace. Engage only with S-Com authorization. Confirm Three-Delta?"


"SL to all flyers, contacts bearing 345 mark 32 high. Intercept formation."
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

The poor fools, thought Vice Admiral Jason Arossica. They really don't know who they're dealing with, do they?

"Send out the ships with Anti-aircrafft Capabilities in patter Foxtrot, and make sure that they stay separated in their fan this time. Scramble thee squadrons of Stormcloud Fighters, and have them form around our fleet for topcover. Tell the Sensor Officers on the Abellion that they did a good job, but make sure that they keep these guys in their sights, and don't get complacent in case there are more where these came from. Arm the Shoreline Defense guns, and give them all the Flak shells they need."

He took a moment to prepare himself, then opened the Vox channel that his officers had detected the unknown aircraft were using.

"Attention, you are about to enter our Sovereign territory of House Morphican. Identify yourselves, and if you are unfamilliar, prepare to turn back or be forced to land. I repeat--"


The diplomat appearantly had enjoyed the pleasure of the hives a bit too much; he would have to learn some restraint around here, like he had to all those years ago... Johanass enjoyed a moment of bliss in that memory of Jillian Lee, basking in her utterly human perfection. In due time, he would visit her... but now there was this new business. He sat before the alliance proposal, and looked it over. Nay... it would be foolish to decide on his own. Man, even if he is some corporate suit, rich aristocrat, charismatic leader or mechanical oddity, was social. He would need to talk first with the other party involved. Despite his lack of favor for any kind of fanatical cult, these Techpriests were not the worst of the bunch; the followers of the machine god were at least dedicating themselves to something useful and helpful to the rest of us here, unlike any selfishly corrupt follower of the Dark Gods, or some righteous preacher who lives solely off the labors of others. Pushing such extraneous thoughts aside, he turned his attention to the videscreen, and had to quickly dismiss the messenger sent to tell him of the recent return to full sealift capability for the Rail project so as to get a more private environment.

OOC-- Ollie, land your planes, go home or be shot down; Alliance is under consideration; Proposed work on the rail lines is continuing into the sea at the (new) southwestern peninsula.
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Oh, dear...
Originally Posted by Why So Serious?
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

At the time of the flyby's over the Adil Hive territory, a scouting delta of C7 Savages under the Chosen flag turned west to investigate, skimming the borders between the two. The delta, designated 'Groxen 08' reported contacts flying dangerously close to the Adil/Tyrannis border. It was uncertain whether the planes were of Adil Hives or another faction, but regardless, Groxen 08 managed to force the enemy flight back into Adil Hive territory without a fight.

In response to this, Chosen Command sent the Adil Hive Corporation a fairly angry letter demanding an explanation.


Meanwhile, at the Combine borders, a small armoured caravan of six-wheeled APCs approached, three vehicles in all. They stopped at an unaffiliated township in the wastes between the two nations, and sent a message requesting a representative arrive in the neutral space for further peace talks. There, the group went about taking over the town hall and clearing the area in order to make the place ready to accept visitors.

In addition, after reviewing the reports on the railway being formed between his two neighboring nations, Warmaster Dor himself sent a message to the Guild VIA horse-back messenger. "Guild Council, your brothers of the Tyrannis hive Cluster have been observing your honourable progress in constructing a railway to connect to our neighbors in the southwest. It is my honour to inform you that, considering the reduction in cost, length, and duration of construction, we would like you to consider connecting the railway directly through our territories. Not only would we aid in the completion, but I believe that this would be mutually beneficial to all parties, as well would it open a chance to start on a positive note, rather than an unnecessarily bloody one.

~Warmaster Dor"
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
I can go either way.
Originally Posted by Cicero - 55 BC
"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

Hyerine Hive, Upper Levels, the Imperial Hive Cluster

<[exloaded from] Guild Mechina [message distribution to] Order of the Flaming Roses [encryption level-Maxima] [begins]
Valorous Sisterhood, may the Emperor forever hold you in his grace as he hold you now, and smile upon all our undertakings! We of the Guild Mechina cannot thank your righteous Order enough for cleansing our planet of taint, and welcome the cleansing fires of absolution with open arms and a clean conscience. However, it appears that in the noble fight to cleanse our planet, the Hyerine PDF Module which controls the various satellite arrays of Ceranine has been crippled. This has severe implications for the hives and people of Ceranine. Our humble Guild offers our services to repair the Hyerine PDF Module and provide your blessed order with tactical feeds from the satellites. This effort will however, require a tempering ceasefire with the Ceranine Planetary Defense Force in the area of the Module, so as not to further harm the machinery. Let me assure you, hampering your holy work in smiting the wicked is something we shall never endeavor to do, and while the ceasefire is regrettable, the resulting tactical advantage your great forces shall enjoy will be enormous.
May the Emperor protect you, always.
"Why do you disturb my meeting with this... prattle?" Acting Canoness Nike bellowed. "Are you by some freak accident of ignorance not aware of the divine purpose the Immortal Emperor impressed upon my predecessor, and through her, on me?"

"The Guild offers to repair the surveillance satellite network control centre, mi'lady. I understand that it was damaged during the invasion," the dialogus minor responded meekly.

Wahida's Sister Dialogous cleared her throat. "Ah, that would be an invaluable intelligence asset. The Hyerine were considered rather paranoid even by our standards."

"You would call our methods 'paranoid', Sister? Would you dare to suggest any measure is too far?"

"I meant nothing of the sort, mi'lady."

"Very well. Tell them we accept. But double the guard on the facility. I sense something." She dismissed the dialogus minor with a wave of her hand. "Go. transmit our response. Now, back to our plans. Dialogous, if you please."

"Yes, mi'lady. As I was saying, though our intel is spotty, we know that the remnants of the Ceranine Imperial Guard are bottled up in the underhive, having failed utterly to resist our counterattack. Doubtless, they've fortified the area..."


Hyerine Hive, Underhive, the Imperial Hive Cluster

<[exloaded from] Guild Mechina [message distribution to] Ceranine Planetary Defense Force [encryption level-Maxima] [begins]
Righteous fist of the Emperor! May your valorous defense of Ceranine be forever remembered and celebrated for as long as the stars themselves endure. Your purge of all threats to our way of life is a most commendable action, to be lauded and praised. However, it appears that in the noble fight to protect our planet, the Hyerine PDF Module which controls the various satellite arrays of Ceranine has been crippled. This has sever implications for the hives and people of Ceranine. Our humble Guild offers our services to repair the Hyerine PDF Module and provide your powerful forces with tactical feeds from the satellites. This effort will however, require a temporary ceasefire with the Order of the Flaming Roses in the area of the Module, so as not to further harm the machinery. Let me assure you, hampering your holy work of defending our people is something we shall never endeavor to do, and while the ceasefire is regrettable, the resulting tactical advantage your great forces shall enjoy will be enormous.
May the Emperor protect you, always.
"What!? Tell them 'no'," Acting General Roth said as he rinsed, then dried his face, though it did little to remove the pervasive grime that coated everything down here. "In fact, append 'Hell no.' to that statement." There was a pause. The Autosavant looked sideways at him blankly.


"What do you mean, 'Am I sure that is wise?'" he parodied, "Those star blasted Sororitas ruined our home, and we're right well ****ing justified in taking the fight back to them. Denying them their intel is merely another part of that. Corporal!"


"Fetch my XO. We have work to do."

"Yes, general!"
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

"UFO, This is the Janissaries Wings of the Adil Hive Corporation. You are in restricted airspace. Please land at these coordinates or you shall be shot down. I repeat. Land at these coordinates or be shot down." the squadron leader of a patrolling Malik Fighter Wing said over the vox to the UFO.


To the administration of the Chosen of Dor,

We have receive your message regarding of intrusion your airspace by our air force. I can tell you that we have nothing to do with the events stated in your message. Furthermore, even we have just sighted UFOs flying illegally into our airspace and even now, trying to force the pilot to land. If the UFO refuse to land, it will be shot down. Either way, an investigation shall follow.

The Administration of the Adil Hive Corporation.
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Default Re: TauOnline World 2 [Story]

The Senate Maxima was cold, pleasantly so for the heavily altered Magi. Andrew reclined in the throne at the head of the table, the thick feeds and wires that temporarily connected him and and the other magi to the Senates cogitator flexed at his motion.
"Well Mathiew, how is progress on your 'Rail-Line' coming?" he asked.
The Magi Maxima smiled.
"Progress is slightly ahead of schedule due to unusually good weather for this season, and the progress of the Morphican Cluster has been equally fortunate."
"Good, good."
said Andrew, nodding his head. "Now, whats this I hear about a threat to us based on the path of our Rail Line?"
The ten other Magi all turned their heads in surprise. No one had yet mentioned the message from the Tyrannis Hive Cluster, and they had all assumed Andrew knew nothing about it. Andrew smiled, a twinkle in his eye. He was Magi Seniorus for a reason, and he liked to remind them of that every once and a while.
"I'll upload the message now." said Mathiew, still surprised.
There where several general grumbles as the magi read the last few words of the communication. Andrew chuckled.
"So bold. I say we call their bluff. Continue with the current direction of the rail line and give absolutely no response to this message. This arrived via messenger? Make him disappear. We shall wait and see what this 'Warmaster Dor' does, and in so doing, see if he is worthy of his tittle. All in favor?"
All the Magi voted in favor.
"Now then, on to more pleasant news I think. Mathiew?"
The Magi Maxima began again: "We have received communication from the team sent to repair the Hyerine PDF Module. They arrived with all speed and have begun their repairs. They should be finished on schedule at current rate of repair." There was a brief, off the record message sent via personal noosphere from Mathiew to the other magi.
"And now my friends, on to perhaps the most important piece of decision making we have to make today and, perhaps for the rest of our lives." said Andrew, setting the serious tone. He nodded to Mathiew. "Excuse me Magi Maxima, but I would like to address this issue.
The Adil Hive Corporation has purposed a 'Full Military and Economic Alliance' with the Guild Mechina, and the Morphican Cluster. Though this offer may seem sudden, we have had good dealings with both Adil and Morphica, and this Alliance seems extremely mutually beneficial to all of us. However, I will not enter into such an agreement lightly. Therefore, I purpose we invite the leaders of the Adil Hive Corporation and Morphican Cluster here, to hive Ferrum, to discus this Alliance before we agree to it."
There was a stunned pause.
"My lord..." said Mathiew "It has been a long time indeed since outsiders have been permitted to walk upon the blessed metals of Hive Ferrum..."
"Perhaps it has been to long my friends. All in favor?"
Seven votes in favor, four votes against.


OOC: Work has begun on repairing the satellite communication node and work continues on the rail-line.
No response at all to their message is received by Dor.
The leaders of the Adil Hive Corporation and Morphican Cluster are invited to Ferrum Hive to discuss the alliance. (The first (publicly known) non-guild humans permitted to enter it in 500 years)
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