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FALLOUT - The PipBoy's Log
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Default FALLOUT - The PipBoy's Log

This thread is for the PLAYERS of the game - not the GMs!

Players can post information they have found here for all players to have ready access to. GMs will not verify the accuracy of this information, so what is posted here could well be wrong, but I nevertheless encourage players to use it often. I will not be helping players who get lost, forget things, etc. and nor will the other GMs; if you didn't think to remember which way the Vault was, that's your problem!

Anyone who fancies constructing maps, etc. of the region, go for it! I will do my best to make sure the distances are accurate... even if the timekeeping is a little odd. Remember, this setting is based on a real place, so in theory it is not only mappable, but already mapped! ;D

For people who are confused about in-game justification of this information passing from player to player, we'll assume the Pipboy's have built-in radios that you occasionally use to pass on usefull / useless gossip. :P


PipBoy Notice to Players - Why you are Out Of The Vault!

You have been tasked with finding vital components. As well as generally useful tech (fission batteries, sensor modules, etc) you have been asked to recover very specific elements, in order of importance. Namely;

> Water Chips - These control the water flow systems of the Vault, and are in dangerously short supply!
> Fusion Regulator Modules - Vital parts of the generator system.
> GNDN System - Vault operations manual states that this is absolutely essential to Vault survival. It has been broken since day one.
> Carbon Filters - The air conditioning system uses Carbon Filters to convert CO2 back into breathable oxygen. As you know, the lower levels have had to do without, making them virtually uninhabitable.
> Space Bars - Excessive force when typing has broken many of the Space Bars on Vault keyboards. Replacements would be greatly appreciated.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: FALLOUT - The PipBoy's Log

Remember, PM me any maps you make, they'll go here.

First map: Vault 120 region
The blue circle is the Hale village area.


1: Vault 120
2: Colt's camp
3: Intriguing ruins of drunken noises
4: Bappie camp
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Default Re: FALLOUT - The PipBoy's Log

I can do some chicken-scratch (or slightly more advanced) maps when I have some more information.
*Wonders how hard it could be to render Fallout 3 style pipboy maps*
Originally Posted by CmdrBonesaw
"Drop the shovel, and stand back from the keyboard!"

We have done the impossible... and that makes us mighty.
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Default Re: FALLOUT - The PipBoy's Log

What year is it?
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

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Default Re: FALLOUT - The PipBoy's Log

2127 - fifty years after the Great War.

I know I said I wouldn't, but to save on confusion here is a rough map of what's happened so far...

1. Vault 120.
2. The Camp (or the bit the Players have explored).
3. The ruins Tom & Patrick explored.
4. Where Damien got to (it can be walked in a few hours; I have friends who have done longer.).

Blue circle is the Hale Village area.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: FALLOUT - The PipBoy's Log

holy shit...

Just wondering, what direction i'm heading in now?



"Personally, I'd love a chance to go back to Rugby. Lost a good friend in Rugby. Worse, lost the suit of Twenty-Nine he was wearing when the Radscorpion totalled the truck. I know all these lads rave about Thirty-Three, but by Her Highness I'd give my other leg to get that suit of Twenty-Nine back in working order." - Armorer at BAPI HQ


"It's mostly crap, but I can get you better later on. Most of what I give you to do will be simple. Your first will be the standing order of all members of the Army - the recovery of supplies and equipment to further our Mission. In short, you find anything worth squat, give it to us and we'll give you a bag of bullets in return, or whatever. I've got other jobs here as well. Read them over." - Captain Pretty


>> Locate Road Gang "Road Warriors". Beleived [Sp] heavily armed and mad as all bastardy. May have been involved in gunning down BAPI A-4. [If they have BAPI gear] Kill them. [and bring it back.]

>> Contact lost with Grunt E-7, E-8, E-10. Liverpool region. Find their corpses, and bring back their guns and armour. Survivors are an optional extra. [N.B. Grunt Morale improved by bringing their people home alive.]

>> Tribals reported in East / Southeast region behaving oddly [for Tribals]. Find out what they are doing.

>> Locals at Sandbank [WTH?] report sighting BAPI. No units in area [WTF is Sandbank!?]. Local aides [WHAT AIDES!?] report negative.
>[Find Sgt.Mjr. Clondike. Beat the shit out of him until he tells you where Sandbank is.]
- Missions Slip. Pretty wants last one done ASAP.



BAPI HQ - Camelot region

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Default Re: FALLOUT - The PipBoy's Log


Heard about two guys who roll into Leatown about once a month in some form of vehicle. They go by the names 'Mad' and 'Crazy'. Apparently the locals load them up with booze and ammo before sending them on their way again. According to the local armorer in Leatown, Mad and Crazy usually pay for their booze and ammo with good, hard to find weaponry. That y'xa'ukera won't sell me any shotgun shells unless I can do the same, probably because he's scared these two nut-job road warriors might start shooting up the place if they can't buy enough ammo.


According to the local armorer in Leatown, there's a library nearby that might have something good to scavenge. I think I might just go check this library out.
[spoiler]"Depends what kind of work you're after. There's always something that needs doing. Scavenging's good money, but dangerous. That Library yonder..." he points to a massive assortment of rubble with half a building attached at the far end. "is said to be home to some pretty good loot. Problem is, the last three guys who went in haven't come back. That was a week ago."[/spoiler]

Runcorn Bridge - Runcorn region
'Bridgekeepers' Camp - Runcorn region (tagged with the word "Bulldogs" all over the place)
The Crashes - Runcorn region
Leatown - Runcorn region
Banktown - Runcorn region? What is here?
Library - Runcorn region
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