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Attempt at Settling Hrud
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Default Attempt at Settling Hrud

This was something I started a long while back, I don't know, a few months? Just something I started toying with nothing too serious and certainly incomplete. But it was an idea I wanted to pass along to any interested parties...

A lot of players get into disputes over the "bendies" concept versus the "space rats" concept. Xenology is considered by some to be 100% total, hardcore part of canonical fluff, while another group disagrees with the inherent flaws and unreliability of the author/artist.

But why split them up? In this *gag* Codex, I was going to combine several elements into an alliance, a mixture of races that are half Warp, half Material, yet neither demon nor flesh, both and yet neither.

I was going to provide rules for using a few other races, like the Umbra.

Just something to chew on.
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Default Re: Attempt at Settling Hrud

Very nice, that's a good idea making the garbage monsters an allied species rather than definitive Hrud.
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