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1,000pnt Chapter Approved / IA 3 Kroot Merc list
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Default 1,000pnt Chapter Approved / IA 3 Kroot Merc list

Hi all!

I haven't posted in quite a while, been working on my nids. Anyways, we've been playing a ton of games latley and I've hauled out my kroot for the next few month to do more work on them and such.

We've been playing a lot of the new Kill Team mission. But This post is abaout a list I used in my last game. it was a 3 way game with me, a mobile tau player, and a warrior heavy nid army with boneswords everywhere.

Here's the list I used:

Hq: 79
Master Shaper - 79
- Veneration charm (re-roll 1 missed to hit)
- fleet
- Power Weapon
- Flamer
- Ork Hybrid

Troops: 511pnts
11 x Kroot Carnivores - 155
- 1 is shaper with:
- Power Weapon
- Flamer
- Ork Hybrid
20 x Kroot Carnivores - 245
- 1 is shaper with:
- Power Weapon
- Flamer
- Ork Hybrid
3 Baggage Gnarlock + 3 goad - 111pnts

Fast Attack: 240
6x Gnarlock Riders - 240

Heavy Support: 170
2x Mounted Gnarlocks
- explosive bolts - 170pnts
Total: 1000

I normally take 6th sense as my upgrade. I've found it really helpful, it's the one I was pulled to from the first time I read the options. But, I've decided to try out the other ones. The +1T really didn;t seem to have much effect, with railgun submunitions blasting the 20 man unit, and lost of missle pods/sms/burst cannons. I found that vs nids, I was boned. the boneswards and lashwhips ment I struck last and died first.

on to the list discussion.

I love the seppd of the Riders. the 12'' charge made them especially fast as I'd use that to assult buildings that I couldn't hurt to pull me up the feild.

The blasty Knarlocks are always a favorite, they did a good job and were actually the last thing to fall, aside form the baggage squad, which had one lone goad running for the hills.

Speaking of the Baggage unit, I attached the Master Shaoer, I always do. I outflanked the unit, crushed about 1/3 of the tau force. the rest sped out of the way too fast for me to chase. I tried my hand vs nids, 3 venonmthropes, killed 2 took the last to 1 wound, lost the master shaper and a goad. on his turn the nids added in 10 hormagaunts and a tervigon into the mix. I lost all but one goad, who somehow survived all the sweeping advance attempts and ran for it.

The 20 man unit was a first, I'd never feiled a full squad before. I was able to infiltrate them into a bunker, so they were safe for a while. I should never have pulled them out of it. they did kill Rymyr though. afterwards they were hit by the remaining tervigon and hormies from the baggage assult and got murdered.

the 10 man unit also sarted in a bunker, hopped out, to try and peg off the tervigon first thing, then ran back into the bunker to fend off 2 11 man termegant squads and chip off a few hormies before the warriors hit the bunker. they couldn't pop it, so I was able to flame and shoot the klkn out of them, but with 3 wounds now they were impossible to take down.

that's about it. I'm liking the list, I wish I had the modles for a 2nd rider squad. oh, none of my modles are forgeworld, I'm converting my own from model dinos as my kroot are reptilian, all converted with tails and such.
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