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Vespid Army Codex
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Default Re: Vespid Army Codex

You know, I wouldn't mind trying to make a codex like this. Not in as much detail with pictures but more in the way of words.

Also I think vespid flamer and the like is a bit...lame to be quite honest and could use with more intergration into their background. I would expect them to be more like this:
Vespid Flamer--->impure neutron crystal (wargear entry-being unable to fire a concentrated beam of radiation these crystals are either discarded, made into basic missiles or used in modified weaponry to disperse a lethal burst of radiation at close range).

Early modifications involved worker drones removing or simply damaging the focusing arrray behind the crystal. Some time later, tau forces noticed the modifications and how they were being used and with some deliberation, so they created more effective and readily available variants of the standard neutron blaster.

This will need to be shortened and the last part can probably find its way into some of the codex's fluff but at least its more in keeping with their back ground.

Please work on your grammar and punctuation. As well as the structure of your text. It will make it a lot easier to read.
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