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Kroot voodoo??
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Default Kroot voodoo??

Bit wierd for me to make a post for so long, but...
Does anybody else think that Kroot armies would practice a sort of voodoo magic on opponents in battle? It just seems appropriate.

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Default Re: Kroot voodoo??

there was a minor psychic power option one could take....if thats what your getting at.
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Default Re: Kroot voodoo??

Kroot Shapers are sometimes a kind of Shaman, but like almost all forms of "magic" that are practiced in 40K, it is simply psychic powers manifesting in different ways. You call it Voodoo, I call it sorcery and the other guy calls it spiritual powers, none of us are right or wrong technically... its all the same in the end though. So yes you could fluff it up that kroot sometimes practice voodoo on their enemies in battle, though in reality Kroot are more ancestor worshipers as in shinto, than into voodoo.
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Well, if the kroot had a huge feast on some pykers then maybe they would develop powers over the warp.
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