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Kroot Codex
Old 17 May 2009, 20:41   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Kroot Codex

Hi there

Here is some nice work that maybe will interest all You Kroot-lovers out there! GoneFishing this is one for You..

Link: http://trobarts.customer.netspace.ne...root_V5.83.pdf

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Default Re: Kroot Codex

This should be deleted for a couple reason.

1) Wrong place for one...should bre in the minor race.
2) Well mosto f the material there is GW material from the original CA Kroot mercenaries...not sure it's appropriate to post them.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Kroot Codex


By all means Cut-It-Out-and-Discard if it goes against any of the forum rules...Did think it looked cool and wellmade but...

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Default Re: Kroot Codex

This one is a tough one IMHO.

I think we could leave the link up for those that are interested in the Kroot dex, but we can't endorse it for obvious reasons.

Anyway, that aside, it looks to be a pretty good codex at first skim through
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Old 18 May 2009, 19:27   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Kroot Codex

That one was the kroot dex I saw ages ago!

I was getting it confused with the official kroot dex... a while ago on this board I referred to a pdf I found of the official one when I meant this unofficial one.

Of course, the mods didn't realise that and thus my posting privileges were reduced.
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Default Re: Kroot Codex

Wow, funny you should mention this. I had downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and i use it conjunction with the CA kroot merc dex. Works pretty well IMO.
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