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adversary armies witchhunter and daemon hunter.
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Default adversary armies witchhunter and daemon hunter.

Wasn't sure where too put this but for the war gear options for a agitator (traitor unit upgraded character) since there isn't a wargear price table anymore I suppose he would just pull prices from the chaos codex from the lists that are in the unit entry.

Also it lists warp instability if I use the chaos rulebook the demons don't have this but the ones in the daemonhunter book do so would the daemons from the chaos rulebook gain the instability rule if used in a adversaries army.
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Default Re: adversary armies witchhunter and daemon hunter.

if your playing with the old dex, yep. Remember the timing of the daemonhunter book, and the old chaos dex. It kind of evens out for the fearless, 3 power weapon attack on the charge bloodletters <shivers>. My most favorite Daemon besides the flesh hounds of khorne.

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