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The Taint of Chaos spreads evermore...
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Default The Taint of Chaos spreads evermore...


I have been promoted to Moderate the Minor Races board, as an avid fan and once devout Lost and the Damned player (before Codex: Eye of Terror was made illegal,) I hope that I can bring some much needed reform and popularity back into the forgotten realm that is the Minor Races board. I shall be introducing a new and more organized Important Topics Sticky by this evening, if any of you have any suggestions for this Important Topics Sticky or any other aspect of the Minor Races board, please send me a message and I will see what I can do!

Thank You,

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Default Re: The Taint of Chaos spreads evermore...

Sounds great to me! I look forward to trying and gathering some more minor races people. I play Ad Mech (pretty avidly) using the Tempus Fugitives list. I am also building it so that I can swap it back and forth for Imperial Guard if someone doesn't want me playing the none sanctioned list. Either way great to have you on board and look forward to the changes!
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