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Adeptus Mechanicus Article
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Default Adeptus Mechanicus Article

The Cult of the Machine
Part I: History and Religion

In the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 the super power of the Adeptus Mechanicus wields some of the greatest mystery and powers within the universe. Their numerous Forge Worlds produce the weapons of the Imperial Guard, the Astartes and the numerous ranks of Skitarii warriors of their own. Techpriests and Magos are essential to the operation of the Imperium in times of war and in peaceful research and organization. The Cult is responsible for much of what the Imperium holds as Holy, including that of the Golden Throne. The monopoly of power that has been given to the empire is one of the greatest in the universe; this article is here to help you, the reader, to better understand the wonderment and mystery behind their history, belief and organization.


The Priesthood of Mars had a very noble establishment on Mars in the beginnings of time. The human race colonized it early as it was close to Holy Terra, making it easy to do so. However its harsh climate and arid surface made it difficult to colonize successfully. Through the work and control of a man-made atmosphere Mars flourished and grew separately from Terra. The two empires co-existed much in the same manner during Dark Age of Technology that they do now.

Mars was keen on colonizing new planets and systems; creating new forges in the name of the Machine God. Early in the Golden Age, and even into the Age of Strife, Mars dispatched hundreds of fleets. These ships were sent into the void unknowing of what could be beyond or even if any colonies could be established. Many of the ships though were lost to the mighty and terrible Warp Storms that were overwhelming the galaxy. Some however were not missing and were triumphant in their quest to colonize. The Machine God was glorified and honored in these new planets with great forges resembling that of the mighty Mars.

However, with the arrival of humans that were adjusted to the warp; civil war erupted across the galaxy. These wars brought death and destruction to thousands of human worlds, creating great unrest. It eventually split the empires of Mars and Terra, leading the planet into a time of plague and hardship. The lack of preservation to the atmosphere and broken shielding began to fail. The planets fragile ecosystem was destroyed, people became diseased due to radiation poisoning and the world fell. Survivors of these great plagues and disease were rendered down to savages and cannibals, near mutants that were hardly human any longer.

The planet though in an extremely poor state had a savior about to redeem it. The Cult Mechanicus, dedicated to the Deus Mechanicus, brought about religious disciples ready to see their planet anew. Through selfless actions, labor and great personal sacrifice the early Techpriests began to restore the shielding from the radiation. Shelters were constructed and safety was once again brought to the planets people. This however was nearly doomed as well from the raids and fights that erupted. Bands of mutant raiders and marauders sought to force their way into these buildings of safety and protection. Early cultists died in great numbers to keep these sacred shelters safe, although some were destroyed. Survivors became more determined and worked even harder to restore order and control into the planet and cult.

Soon after, while the Earth was in the hands of Warlords, Mars began new life under the reign of the Techpriests. Temples were constructed and archaic knowledge and technology was resurrected from the sands of Mars. The Temple of all Knowledge was built to house the greatest machinery with ceilings that stretched a mile into the sky. The building was built with pistons that adjusted the acoustics of the structure to greater amplify and glorify praises sung to the Machine God. Mars began a strong new empire with the High Altar at its center. The vast catalogs of knowledge that had been saved was now stored within it. To the present time all new data and artifacts that are discovered are dedicated to the Altar. Within it is stored the greatest of all things to the Cult – all of the human knowledge.

The arrival of the Emperor made some unrest within the new world though. After a small uprising the Emperor found his new support to be a great ally to the vast armies of the Imperium. The Fabricator-General of Mars and the Emperor, regarded by most as the Omnissiah, signed the treaty of Mars. The Imperium needed warmachines and material in great number, Mars wanted STC information. The Imperium sacrificed all of its STC discoveries to the wealth of knowledge on Mars in exchange for the means to crusade across the galaxy.

Mars now worked in great amount to produce the weaponry needed by the Emperor and his crusading hordes and armies of men. The Emperor even worked to locate and rekindle the connection between colony forges and Mars. Most of the planets he came to recognized him as the Omnissiah and venerated him amongst all others.

With the Heresy however things were destined to change for both Mars and Holy Terra. Forges picked sides, some staying out of the conflict all together, though there was great civil war amongst them. Even the Fabricator-General of Mars, Kelbor-Hal, sided with Horus and betrayed the Emperor. Titan Legion fought Titan Legion and forges shut down. Scrapcode infested the holy machines causing catastrophic failures in equipment and production lines were brought to a halt almost instantly. Mars erupted in death and destruction almost overnight.

Presently Mars is still in union with the Imperium much as it was before the Heresy. Belief in the Emperor has been shaken with the ascension to the Golden Throne, but most still revere him as the Omnissiah. With great dispute amongst the forces of Chaos STC rumors are sought after with much more vigor. The knowledge is becoming more scarce and precious, so the Mechanicus has turned to often dire and drastic measures to retrieve it.


The most basic belief within the Cult Mechanicus is that of the Deus Mechanicus, or Machine God. Their belief structure incorporates the Emperor but is very different from the rest of the Imperial Cult. For the Cult of the Machine they regard the machine itself as a higher form of life. It has surpassed biological evolution and has become something stronger and more lasting then biological tissue. It is believed within society that the Machine God gave rise to all technologies known and unknown through its chosen illuminati in the beginning. It is rumored that the Machine God itself is actually the C’tan Void Dragon which is entombed on Mars’ holy ground. If that holds true it is likely that the Void Dragon was what would have been worshipped before the arrival of the Emperor.

Another key point in the religion of the Mechanicus is that of knowledge. All creatures, beings or relics that retain knowledge are considered holy. Machines have the ability to preserve and keep data from past times, making them a centerpiece in this portion of the religion. It is an extremely common view that a machine intelligence is no less godly then that of a regular adept. To them a person is only worth as much as the knowledge that they hold, making their bodies nothing more than a vessel for information.

Information and knowledge are so highly regarded within the Cult it often ‘quests’ for just that. Expeditions and fleets of Servitors, Techpriests, and warriors are sent out amongst the systems in search of what is called an STC system. It is believed that an STC contains the sum of all human knowledge, which is why they are in such high desire. The STC is actually in such demand that the Mechanicum itself split over the rumor of one during the Heresy. To the present time no STC systems have been recovered, they only survive as print-outs. Some of the papers date back millennia, containing great expanses of knowledge from the far past. These few print-outs are considered the most sacred texts in possession by the Cult and are regarded as the most reliable information.

An STC, or Standard Template Construct, are all systems from the Dark Age of Technology. These machines are said to contain all of human knowledge up to that point. An STC system was originally sent out with the colonists to be used to help them build things they would need. They contained designs and construction methods for anything ranging from warmachines to shelters. During the Age of Strife many machines were ruined by people who tried to alter and change them. Many of them were rendered down to hard copies that have been passed down to people through the generations. Some of the most famous STC hard copies are that of the Immolator tank, the Land Raider and Land Speeder. Known STC information includes three things. Gaunt found a corrupted STC machine that was destroyed, an STC Library was located on Hito but is currently hidden from Imperial Agents, and finally there has been a discovery of an STC Titan on Chaeroneia. The Castogor Class machine stands taller then an Emperor and is believed to be much better technology.

The union of the Imperium and the arrival of the Emperor changed the religion greatly. The Cult Mechanicus patiently waited for the Omnissiah, or human prophet of the Machine God. Most of the Imperium Forge Worlds view the Emperor himself as the Omnissiah. Others believe that the prophet has yet to be revealed and has not arrived to be amongst the people. Although, all do believe that the Emperor should be honored for his astute knowledge and comprehension of things from ancient times. The Cult does not worship him like the rest of the Imperium, but they do recognize him as an important figure within their belief structure.

Unending quests for knowledge conquer planets and start wars over the slightest amounts of information. Many battles are fought over a single object that needs to be added to the wealth of knowledge that they already horde. Many more confrontations will erupt from the thirst, the desire to know all. It is the center of the belief and will continue to be so whether the Omnissiah has arrived or not. The forges of Mars will continue to work for millennia just to find what they long for.

This is an excellent article! +2 Karma - Anton
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Default Re: Adeptus Mechanicus Article

The Cult of the Machine
Part II: Military Organization


The Collegia Titanica deals with all military matters concerning the Adeptus Mechanicus. Within the Collegia there are several Divisios that split the control and organization into other branches. The Divisios include: Divisio Mandati, Divisio Militaris, Divisio Telepathica, and Divisio Investigatus

Divisio Mandati

The Divisio Mandati is in charge of military command and strategy while on the battlefield. There are several sections which have their own ranks within them. These are the people that make strategic and command decisions which affect the Cult. They do everything from decide what forces go where and whether or not they will even get involved in a conflict. There are three sections within the Divisio that make these judgments.

First is the Auxilia Myrmidon which is largely in charge of the infantry forces. The lowest rank within the Myrmidon is a Secutor, which is their lowest warrior. A Centurius is a platoon leader, they take commands from Tribunes. Above a Tribune is a Magnus who is given control of a single cohort. A Mandati Major takes orders only from the Magos Mandati who, as the Legion Commander, controls the Battalion Commanders.

The other two Divisios are the Executive Titan and Missionary Titan Orders. Little has been revealed about these orders. It is not currently clarified in lore as to what role is taken by them.

Divisio Militaris

Vast Skitarii Legions make up a majority of the populace within the Divisio Militaris. This is because the Skitarii Legions consists of the largest amounts of infantry within the Cult Mechanicus. There are several specializations that are within the Legions. Each soldier is augmented and enhanced to perform the task at hand with the utmost precision. They are genetically superior and intended to be extremely fierce warriors. The most basic troop is the Hypaspist which closely resembles a modified Guardsman armed with a lasgun and have received enhancements to make them numb to the effects of battle. The Sagitarii warriors have been modified and equipped to handle heavy weapons. Their augmentations allow them to use these weapons more effectively then a basic Hypaspist. Balisteria soldiers are assigned to artillery units ranging from the massive Ordinatus weapons to the lowly Thudd Gun. A Cataphract Skitarii is one who is superior at running vehicles from Sentinels to Baneblades. Skitarii that have a need for a better mode of transportation become Kataphractoii. These tracked soldiers can move faster than other troops allowing them a greater speed of attack. Finally, in the highest ranks of the Skitarii there are the elite Praetorians. These are the best infantry soldiers the Mechanicus has at their disposal, making them a feared and hated enemy by many. Their augmentations and bionics make them strong, brutal and deadly in combat.

Within the Militaris Divisio there are also the Military Titan Orders. This is made up of the vast Titan Legions that defend Forge Worlds and fight amongst the Imperial armies. Each Legion is headed by a Grandmaster who is a learned and masterful Princeps. The highest ranks of the Titan Legions are Princeps, or Titan Commanders, with the Moderatii being second in command. During the Heresy many of the Titan Legions fought each other as some sided with Horus while most remained loyal to the Emperor. All of the traitors Titan Legions were once part of the vast Legions of the Mechanicum.

The Military Titan Order also includes the small but numerous Knight Houses. These Houses are formed of the Knight Pilots who are called upon when needed. Being smallest of the Titan classes they do not see much battle. They are used more for local protection and order rather than attacking or defending against great armies. These are often used by Magos’ to protect their forges and local population of workers and menials. However, in times of great need the Knight Houses have been called up to fight amongst the greater Titan Legions in battles of great destruction, death and glory.

The Ordo Reductor is a small piece within the Divisio Militaris that sees little use. They have been granted control and use of all the siege weaponry used by the Adeptus Mechanicus. These armaments range from the Reductor Thunderfire Cannon used by the Adeptus Astartes up to the massive tunneling machines like the Hellbore. Little is known about the Ordo Reductor as the Mechanicum is keen on keeping some secrets to themselves.

Lastly within the Divisio is the Legio Cybernetica who controls all of the Imperial Robots. The Legio has a very rough past with the Imperium as it went into civil war on its own during the Heresy. Of the thousands of cohorts within the Legio many sided with Horus. Battles of nothing but robots occurred as they went at each other. When the rebellion was put down and Horus banished the stricken cohorts left with him. The portion of the Legio that stayed loyal to the Emperor re-swore allegiance to him to make up for what had happened. It is said that the Techpriests within the Legio now take a more terrible and binding oath then any of the Space Marine Chapters in existence today.

There are and have been several different patterns of robots designed and constructed throughout the millennia. The most effective have been put into large scale production and are used widely throughout the Imperium. Their simple programming allows for a range of uses from anti-tank to siege or even assault. Known classes include:

Crusader – Light Anti-Personnel
Colussus – Siege
Cataphract – Multi-Purpose
Castellan – Siege and Anti-Tank
Conqueror – Assault and Anti-Tank

Divisio Telepathica

The Divisio Telepathica is another hidden partition within the Divisio Militaris. The Divisio is largely respeonsible for the Telepath Titans and other psychic based weapons. These Emeperor class Titans are fitted with massive domes used to create psychic attacks and defenses for the Titan Legions. The domes are filled with powerful psykers that focus energy to generate huge warp based psychic attacks on the enemy. Little is known about these Titans as they are few and far between.

Divisio Investigatus

There are two major parts to the Divisio Investigatus but one main purpose. The division constructs and designs the massive weapons used by the Mechanicum Forces. The first portion of the Divisio is that of the research titans. The massive machines are fitted with massive equipment to both service other titans as well as study other objects of massive size. These titans are also limited in number but have been used on large recovery and research missions when the Mechanicus wants something of great importance.

The other half of the Divisio is dedicated to the massive weapons of the Centurio Ordinatus. Broken down to two classes, minor and major, these weapons are amongst the most powerful in existence. Many have been destroyed, dismantled or even lost and forgotten in armories of the past. Known Ordinatus Majoris include the following:

Ordinatus Armageddon – Armed with a Nova Cannon this weapon was used in the First War for Armageddon. The cannon is capable of destroying a titan or tank company with no more than a single shot from its massive gun.
Ordinatus Golgotha – This massive weapon carries six Hellfire Missiles capable of devastating legions of troops in seconds.
Ordinatus Mars – The Sonic Disruptor is capable of leveling cities with ease or even bringing a quick and deadly end to entire divisions of tanks.
Ordinatus Priam – The tunneling machine used in Priam never saw use again from damage taken during the mission. The warmachine delivered four companies of Guardsmen into the city during the siege by tunneling deep beneath the planet’s surface.
Ordinatus Gehenna – Little is known of this massive Ordinatus other then it carries the powerful Apocalypse Cannon into battle.

These machines are so colossal and complex that the Lord of the Centurio Ordinatus must first read litanies and perform holy blessings on the machines before starting them. The crews consist of almost every kind of support menial, servitor and balisteria as they lumber into battle. Most of the Ordinatus were lost during the Heresy when both sides unleashed their weapons upon each other creating massive destruction, death and turmoil on all sides.
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Default Re: Adeptus Mechanicus Article

The Cult of the Machine
Part III: Internal Organization


Collegia Extremis is the judicial branch within the Adeptus Mechanicus Cult. It is ruled over by the Lord Dragons. Each Forge World has its own Lord Dragon that reports to and follows orders from the Lord Dragon of Mars. These laws and mandates are enforced amongst the general population by the Skitarii Provosts which act something like the Adeptus Arbites of Terra. All internal security and judicial matters are dealt with in the Collegia Extremis.


The responsibilities of scouting and archeology are taken up by the Collegia Explorator. This is often where you see questing Techpriests and Magos reporting to and working in conjunction with. They are responsible for excavating discoveries as well as finding new objects of interest. The Mechanicus is always looking for more knowledge and more machines from the past. While the Collegia may be small in size it is extremely important in function. Without it the ‘Quest for Knowledge’ that the Mechanicum is so fervently following would not happen. They are in charge of everything from dispatching questing fleets to organizing support goods and small questing detachments to go to existing archeology sites.

COLLEGIA (unknown)

There is a Collegia of unknown name that controls municipal matters within the Cult. There are six divisions within it that separate authority to different areas of speciality. Within each of these divisions Techpriests and workers perform tasks that simplify and/or organize the basic structure of the society. The divisions and their purpose include:

Divisio Purpose
Divisio Prefectus Administration
Divisio Pecuniae Arithmetic and Production Logistics
Divisio Lexmechanicus Applied Mathematics
Divisio Logis Mathematical Analysis
Divisio Fabricator Master Crafting Construction
Divisio Artisan Generic Construction

COLLEGIA (unknown)

Another Collegia of unknown name operates to organize and maintain all of the Cult’s scientific studies. This Collegia has a huge amount of divisions compared to most of the others. This is because the Adepts of the Mechanicum are always studying and learning; gaining in their knowledge.
The divisions are specific to certain areas and an Adept may spend his or her whole life studying one object or thing within that range of study. Many work their ways up through the vast amount of ranks starting at the bottom as a lowly assistant on up to a person of higher rank and authority. As they progress in study and knowledge they progress in rank. Some even become the highest revered Magos in a specific field.
The divisios and their studies include:

1. Divisio Biologis – Biology
2. Devisio Xenobiologis – Alien Biology
3. Divisio Astrologicus – Astrology
4. Divisio Psykana – Psychic Sciences
5. Divisio Alchemys – Chemistry
6. Divisio Psychologis – Psychology and Sociology
7. Divisio Digitalis – Computer Sciences
8. Divisio Genetor – Genetics
9. Divisio Physic – Physics
10. Divisio Astrographicus – Warp Sciences
11. Divisio Orbologis – Earth Sciences
12. Divisio Metallurgicus – Metallurgy
13. Divisio Xenologis – Alien Technology
14. Divisio Technicus – Technology
15. Divisio Dialects – Linguistics
16. Divisio Cybernetica – Robotics and Augmetics


The ranking system within the Cult Mechanicus is somewhat complex with several ranks inside each of the five classes. In order to move out of the current class one must achieve the highest rank within that class. Some may work a lifetime and only achieve a few ranks while others with greater aptitudes may make leaps from class to class. The five classes in their respective order include: Adepts Inferior, Novitiates, Adepts Minoris, Adepts Majoris and finally Adepts Superior.

Adepts Inferior

Adepts Inferior is the lowest class within the standings of the Adeptus Mechanicus. There are five ranks that one must move through in order to move up to the next class. The lowest of these is a Lay Brother, or simply a common worker. A Lay Brother that shows skill may be promoted to a Menial who can operate tools and equipment rather than just manual labor. However, many Menials and Lay Brothers are mind-wiped and programmed servitors that do rudimentary tasks. After Menial the next rank achieved is a Techpriest or Tech-Acolyte. This is where the person would begin to shadow an Adept or someone of higher class or rank. After getting named a Techpriest one moves on to a Technographer and finally on to the rank of Chief Initiate.


Once the rank of Chief Initiate has been reached the next step is a single ranking class of Novitiate. A Novitiate is someone between an Adept Minoris and an Initiate. It is easiest to relate them to a novice within their field but someone that possesses skill and promise for advancement in the future.

Adept Minoris

As an Adept Minoris the person is able to have specialized their studies within a specific field. The title is then given based on what pursuit the person has chosen to study and dedicate their work to. For example an Adept studying genetics would be given the title of ‘Genetor’; or one studying military command could become a ‘Secutor, Myrmidon, Centurius or Tribune.’ The difference is that each Divisio within each Collegia has their own rankings and number of ranks to go through. Some Divisios may only have one or two rankings while some may have up to ten.

Adept Majoris

Adepts Majoris is the class in which some amount of ruling power begins to show in their roles. When one first reaches the rank of Adept Majoris the titles are still Divisio specific. Some may simply add a “t” onto the end of the existing title. That is most commonly seen in titles ending in “-is”. Others may add a prefix or suffix to the title to add rank. As an Adept moves up in the following ranks are given: “Chief” used as a prefix, “Major” used as a suffix, “Magos” used as a prefix, “Chief Magos” used as a prefix, “Aspiring Archmagos” used as a prefix, “Archmagos” used as a prefix and then finally “Archmagos Veneratus” used as a prefix. It is very common for there to be only one, or even no, Archmagos Veneratus rankings within a Divisio on a Forge World. The Archmagos Veneratus are extremely high rankings and often have several forges of their own and thousands of lower ranking adepts below them.

Adept Superior

The final class, Adept Superior, has two rankings; both of which are extremely hard to reach as there is only one position for each rank per Forge World. The first rank is the Archmagos Ultima who is second in command of the Forge World itself. The Archmagos Ultima has direct rule over all the other Archmagi as well as the military forces present on the Forge World. As Archmagos Ultima the person is only answerable to two people, their direct Fabricator-General and the Fabricator-General of Mars.

The final and highest rank achievable within the Adeptus Mechanicus is Fabricator-General. Each Forge World has its own Fabricator-General who is the sole voice and commander of all the Mechanicus followers on the planet. Of the numerous Fabricator-Generals the highest commander is the Fabricator-General of Mars. Holding that position on Mars itself grants the person a place amongst the High Lords of Terra and makes them answerable only to the will of the Emperor. The Fabricator-General of Mars is commonly referred to as just the Fabricator-General as it is known they are the highest ranking individual within the Cult Mechanicus.
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Default Re: Adeptus Mechanicus Article


Lots of information from this thread and forum in particular:

Lots of information from Lexicanum.com here and the attached links:

Other sources:
The Tim Huckleberry Codex
The Tempus Fugitives Codex

Please remember that the above article is a compilation and summary of all of these combined works. This is not of my own research and or efforts. I just compiled, outlined and summarized the information for easy and quick use. It is my hope that others will find this useful and use the same resources I have to learn what I did. I thank the original authors of all the information as it has been a great help to me in my gaming. Thanks, Full-choke
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